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Baby Making

If we weren't experts at baby making could we have produced two perfect babies with one try? Probably not.

How do you split your time so that all your children get enough attention?

Do have any tips for handling sibling rivalry?

Moms of multiples are often experts at multitasking. Have you discovered a shortcut or trick that all moms could use?

What's a great matching Halloween costume idea for two or more children? Please include a link to a photo if you have one.

Becky Pitcher

This year we're going with Garden Gnomes, I think. I kinda wish one of my twins was a girl, because I really want to be the Addams family, since my bald little son looks just like Pugsly! This picture isn't of my boys, but here's what we're going to go for:
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Do you think the government should pay stay-at-home moms for their work of raising children and managing a household?

Becky Pitcher

I agree with better tax breaks, but no way should the government pay someone for being a parent! I want to be a parent because the "payment"is enough, but I think that it might encourage some people to have kids for the wrong reasons. Just like everyone else said, I don't want anyone- especially the government- dictating how I mother my children, or having considerable influence over my relationships.
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