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The Vibe Girl is a winner of Top 25 Kid Bloggers

What do you blog about?

I'm primarily a music reviewer/enthusiast, but I like my photography, interior design, fashion, and poetry dearly as well. (Things that most adolescents take interest in, I guess.) At the start, my library was limited to rock/pop, but between seeking out local talent and reading other blogs, I found a few very comfortable niches in instrumental rock, gothic pop, and dreamy shoegaze, amongst other more eccentric styles. So you'll hear a lot about those genres. On occasion, I write about my everyday wanderings as a teenager living in suburban Toronto.

What's the coolest thing about your mom?

The coolest thing about Mommy, huh? I suppose it's that she's very agreeable- she's not exactly the easiest person to talk to (I find myself constantly repeating my words to get a point across) and we rarely share the same opinions (she's very conservative), but the rough patches are brief. I like that she trusts my advice, too, I think that's what makes us close.

If the tables were turned and you could punish your parents, what would they get in trouble for?

Not putting things back and cleaning up after themselves (especially in the kitchen- small appliances, baking ingredients, etc); I'm very obsessive about keeping an orderly house. I would lecture them about keeping their word, and make sure they get out some nights, being the focused academics they are. There's not much "punishing" going on either way, to be quite honest.