The Life After "Trust Me"

Marine Wife, SAHM of two, mistake making, sports loving, keeping it real, Christ Follower.

Marcella is a winner of Top 25 Military Moms - 2012

What do you love about being a military mom?

It's tough, especially when you're a "single mom" a good amount of the time, but I love the challenge it brings and the chance to teach our children about true patriotism.

What advice would you give to moms on how to build a new support circle after a move?

Reach out; Especially to local churches.
If you stay at home all the time, it's easy to become a hermit and feel disconnected.

What's a tip for helping kids cope with a parent's absence?

Talk about the absent parent all the time and keep pictures all around. Constantly remind the child how how much the other parent loves and misses them and is away making the world a better place!