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Little Style Finder

Inspired by my own budding fashionista and new baby on the way, I decided to launch Little Style Finder for those style-savvy moms (and dads) interested in new shopping destinations, tips, trends, deals and the latest in fashion for your little ones.

What is your favorite place to find clothes for children?

What tips would you give to a mom who is trying to remain stylish while raising a family?

What's one beauty product you would recommend to all moms?

Can your recommend school shoes for girls that are both stylish and playground-ready? Please include a link!

Ehrin Ziccardi

September is just around the corner ad back-to-school shopping is in full swing. Little Style Finder brings you stylish shoes for your little girls, ranging from sneakers to oxford to boots to ballet flats (all with rubber or man-made soles for safety) that are playground-ready, taking her from classroom to playdate.
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Is olive oil the best thing for cradle cap?

Ehrin Ziccardi

Mustela makes a product You massage on before bed and you can use a soft brush to loosen during babies bath. Works quite well.
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