The Quiet Life of Violet

The life of Violet, a first-time Momma to-be after dealing with cancer and miscarriage. It's a good life!

S. Violet is a winner of Top 25 Pregnancy Journals

What Inspired Me to Start Blogging

Well, I was very into scrap-booking (correction: I was into looking at other people's scrapbooks and BUYING scrap-booking supplies) and in 2005, I saw a lady named Miss Elsie Flannigan (now Larson) in one of the magazines I brought along with me to the hospital during a chemo treatment. I LOVED her style, use of colors and design skills, and noticed that she had something called a blog. So, once I got out of the hospital after six long days of chemo, I decided to look up her link and see what this "blog" business was all about. It opened my whole world up! I eventually decided to start my own blog as a sort of way to document my life, express my feelings and hopefully connect with others.

Three Words That Describe My Blog

Honest. Real. Heart-filled