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Rockin' Teacher Materials

I am a mom of 8...7 boys and 1 girl and a 2nd grade teacher who has been blogging for almost a year now.I love making teaching resources and sharing my ideas by using pictures and videos to give ideas to others.

How long have you been a teacher?

What are three of your favorite books for children? (Please share what age they are best for.)

What can parents do to help when their child doesn't like school?

What's a great gift parents can give teachers?

Hilary Lewis

I have taught in 3 different school systems and have gotten different types of gifts...from a half used bottle of Avon perfume to a $50 gift card! But like the other teachers who have commented, a nice note always makes me smile. I have gotten some of the best notes...ones that help you remember just why you became a teacher in the first place! If I had to choose a gift...definitely a gift card for someplace like Target, Wal-Mart, Movies, or restaurant. I'm not a coffee drinker, so be sure to check on that! Happy Holidays! Hilary Rockin' Teacher Materials
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How do you get a fidgety or unfocused child to sit and do homework?

Hilary Lewis

Like some of my friends below have said, be sure that your child has down time before jumping into homework. Also, break the homework into small chunks so that it isn't an overwhelming task. At school, we frequently take 'brain breaks' to get us moving and get the juices flowing. Have your child take mini brain breaks during homework time. You might say "Stop! 10 jumping jacks . . . ready? Go!" or maybe say "Freeze! Do the Twist! Ready, go!" You can use a song, activity, exercise. . .whatever! Another great idea. . .have a special place for doing homework. A special desk with school supplies would make anyone want to do their homework! Who doesn't love school supplies???
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