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Running against the OdDs

Out running those things that want to bring you down,All the things that rent space in my head. Letting the adversity of Life fuel me. Being driven to go the distance regardless of what life throws at you. Running my own race as a wife, mom and...

Which outdoor activities do you do on a weekly basis?

What's your favorite outdoor activity to do with your kids in the summer?

What's one tip you'd give to moms who have a hard time fitting outdoors time into their busy lives?

How do you stay healthy during the holiday season?

Anita Harless

The Holiday season is defined by great food and festivities. We should enjoy it. For me I find that it is fun to "try" things. Rather than engulfing a serving of high calorie dessert I do bite size pieces. I will get a dessert plate and put a tablespoon of 3 or 4 different holiday goodies on it. I always eat the healthy stuff first so I am not "craving" something sweet and over indulge. Getting a workout in can be difficult with the hustle and bustle of extra errands and activities. I may not get in a full hour but something is always better than nothing. When you train your body your mind wants to follow therefore eating excessive calories is often not a nagging desire. So get a few work outs in and enjoy the Holiday festivities to!
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What's your New Year's Resolution?

Anita Harless

I believe in Dreams. The best way to have a Dream come true is to set Goals to push you towards your dreams. I have accomplished Dreams I never even knew I had by little Goals achieved one by one! For the New Year we see New Goals, New Horizons..New Races to run in New places. Not Necessarily running like lightning rather running for the Love of Running and that is where the dreams come true. The Goals are Fueled By PASSION and the PASSION added with hard work and determination create dreams!! Find Passion when setting your New years Resolution. Set Goals that you can achieve. Believe In Yourself! Nita
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