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I am an Aussie mum who loves everything techie! Techie Mum is where I write about technology, aimed at keeping families up to date by providing reviews, advice and tips on how to get the most out of their computers and other devices.

What's your favorite kid-friendly app?

What tips would you give a mom who wants to become more tech savvy?

Find tech savvy mum bloggers and follow them on Facebook and their websites. You need to find bloggers who write about a variety of tech topics regularly so you are kept up to date with the latest.
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What's the most innovative gadget for children you've seen?

What safeguards do you recommend taking with your computer and other devices to make sure your kids don't see inappropriate content?

Margaret Perusich

Whilst parental controls in conjunction with your internet security subscription are important, there are times when your child may be using a different computer or maybe you need to lend them yours and you don't have time or the opportunity to set up parental controls. One quick way to help protect your child is to activate Google Safe Search. It can be very quickly set up while your child is using the computer. Read my post on it below.
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Do your kids have a favorite non-violent video game that you'd recommend to other parents? Please share a link to the product an tell us why you AND your kids love it.

Margaret Perusich

My 9 year old loves Club Penguin. Club Penguin is an online virtual world where your child can play safely on their own or with their friends. Each member has their own penguin avatar that they can customise and create igloo houses for. They can also adopt puffles as pets and play more than 20 games, earning coins that they can spend within Club Penguin. There are regular special themes and events when you're able to 'buy' new outfits for your penguin, new furniture for their igloo, play games and more, within that theme. So far this year there has been Marvel Super Heroes, and Monsters University. On 25 July Star Wars is coming. My son can't wait to dress his penguin as Darth Vader, and he tells me something big is happening with the Death Star. His penguin regularly plays with the penguins of his friends - they arrange to meet at a particular spot then they can play games together or visit each others homes. There is a chat facility and postcards can be sent between friends. There's a free membership and a paid version that gives you access to more areas. My son also plays My Penguin on the iPad. By logging in with his Club Penguin log in he is able to access different outfits to what he can get on Club Penguin. He currently has a Boba Fett outfit in preparation for the Star Wars takeover of Club Penguin next week. Whatever he has acquired on the My Penguin app transfers to his Club Penguin account. What I like is that it is a safe environment where my son can play with his friends online and bad language is not tolerated (you can be banned for 24 hours). But be warned - it is addictive (and a lot of fun)!
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