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Totally Temberton is about frugal living and homeschooling. Cara spreads the word about deals and freebies, especially as related to educational resources. She also participates in several popular giveaway events, such as Blogmania.

Why did you decide to homeschool your children?

By the time our first child was born, my husband and I were friends with (or had become acquainted with) numerous families who homeschooled. We saw that it was a positive experience for them and decided to do it ourselves. At the time, we had numerous reasons for doing so, including wanting to ensure that our children were always in a safe/loving environment, wanting to have a flexible schedule (for traveling "home" to visit family), and wanting the ability to teach in ways that are not possible in the average public/private school. Over the years, our family grew from one child to three and we moved many, many times. Looking back, I'm very thankful that we did commit to homeschooling. It kept our older two children from having to attend many different schools.

Aside from a birth certificate, what legal documents should a parent file after having a child?

Cara Riggles

Every person should absolutely have a will, but it becomes even more important after one becomes a parent. A parent's wishes for inheritance and guardianship should not be left to the government simply because a will is not in place.
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