Seeking advice on 18 month old twins nursing and impact on eating solids

Patti - posted on 01/27/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I seem to have myself (and my 18 month old twins) backed into a corner with no escape route. They love breast feeding which under normal circumstances would be fine but we are seeing a dietician and pediatrician because their growth chart percentiles are falling. We co-sleep because it is slightly less exhausting than going back and forth to the nursery 5 to 10 times a night but I have become their pacifier. My attempts to break this habit over the past six months continue to be met with extreme resistance by both girls. Some facts: They have never slept through the night and they night nurse frequently; they nurse a lot daytime too; they eat very little solids despite my extensive efforts to the contrary. Dr recommended I limit bf daytime to see if their intake of solids would increase but so far it has made no difference. They love breast feeding and will refuse solids for an entire day if I try to refuse nursing in an attempt to get them to eat. This only intensifies the all night nursing. It's a vicious cycle. My hubby works out of town for extended periods and we do not have family near by to call upon to help break this cycle. I'm exhausted from nursing all night. I've thoroughly enjoyed bf'ing my girls but I don't know if continuing is in their best interest anymore. Completely weaning would be extremely hard on them emotionally but by continuing I fear they will never eat as they should. Currently both girls are 20 lbs. They were full term babies but small at 4-13 & 5-15. They climbed in the percentiles until solids were introduced at six months and have since gradually fallen. All health exams and tests are normal and developmentally no concerns. They would simply prefer to nurse than chew their food. Has anyone else been in or heard of someone in this situation. I don't know what to do.


Celeste - posted on 01/27/2012




It is totally common for toddlers to be picky and not be eating much solids, breastfed or not. Because of this, I would continue nursing. At this point, I'd continue offering foods and I wouldn't force it.

I wouldn't recommend weaning at this point. Your milk is what they need and it's still nutritional beneficial, especially with them being picky. However, you can try night weaning. My twin boys were waking VERY often at that age as well.

Some links to read:

Toddler Nursing and nutrition:

Night weaning:

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Patti - posted on 01/28/2012




Sound advice Celeste. Thank you for the links to those great resources. I read Dr. Gordon's program awhile ago but with my sleep deprived foggy brain I didn't have the courage or endurance to try it. I think I will now even though I know it will be met with loud resistance. My girls easily wake each other so I've always tried to avoid having them cry at night. It's a lot easier to meet the needs of one waking baby than it is to console two! Thank you as well for the kellymom info on breastfed toddlers. So reassuring. It's exactly what I needed. Better yet, it's exactly what my babies needed.

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