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Hi there! I am still nursing my 15 month old, and I have no interest in weaning per se, but want to stay sane. She seems to be going through a phase, which I'm sure is normal, but she will want to nurse briefly, and then come back 30-60 minutes later...this can get a bit tiring, and what's more, my husband has a negative reaction as well. He has been very supportive of nursing so don't get me wrong. We just want to set some limits....like maybe setting times for nursing, and not outside those times. She's never been much of a scheduled baby, and she can throw a great tantrum already. Any advice from others is appreciated.

Part two, is that I work part time. I don't pump much any more. She has issues with cow's milk, so we tried goat's milk a few weeks ago...she did great initially so we proceeded to finish the freezer supply of breast milk...guess we should have given both but live and learn. Now she is not drinking much, even when we try combining the goat's milk with breast milk. In the meantime, we've been offering more goat milk yogurt during the day, but I was wondering if other people had tricks for helping their toddler take non human milk.


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If she's still nursing you don't really have to worry about offering other milk. My daughter is 15 months also. She nurses 3-5 times a day. Her pediatrician said other milk is not necessary right now. My daughter eats yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. She's also had sips of cow's milk, but I don't give her any in a cup.

After my daughter turned a year old she started wanting more solids. I just kind of watched her behavior and she would only nurse for a few minutes during certain nursing sessions. We slowly dropped the ones she wasn't interested in and replaced them with solids. She's developed her own routine where she nurses in the morning, before nap and before bed. She sometimes asks (she knows the sign for milk) to nurse in the afternoon and she nurses one time during the night. We don't have a daily routine, but she does nurse when she wakes and before nap and bed regardless of what time those things happen (she doesn't always nap and go to sleep at the same time everyday). If my daughter asks to nurse when I can't do it I just tell her we can't right now and offer her something else. You can teach nursing manners by deciding the limits and sticking to them. Be consistent.

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