Are you nervous to breastfeed in public?

Merry - posted on 07/12/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




Ok heres my though on nursing in public

1 if no one nurses in public, then the public will not know there are women nursing!

2 if we dont nurse in public then young girls will grow up only ever seeing bottles feeding babies

3 if we dont nurse in public then the snoty people who will make bad comments about it will never get ignored, or set straight. and they could keep on discouraging other moms

4 if we dont nurse in public then we will not go in the public as often and therefore we will be less happy :)

5 if we dont nurse in public we will most likely stop nursing too soon due to the strain on our lives

6 if we dont nurse in public we will see nursing as a chore, other then just a part of normal life

Ok so thats alot to take in, but if you know that breastfeeding is best, then you know it is what we should be doing as a nation (america).

If we all stay hiding out in bathrooms- cars- changing rooms- or at home, then America will never change! We can make it change!

There are so many moms breastfeeding in america, but the general public has NO idea that we exist.

Isnt it our responsibility to teach the country so that our daughters have better experiences?

We can make the image change from taboo to normal.

the more times everyone sees a mom nursing the more normal it will look.

Hiding is only hurting, be proud! We are strong women. If we can get through learning to breastfeed, then we deserve to do it on the comfy bench in the middle of the mall. Or the booth in the fancy restaurant. Or in the DMV! lol I mean seriously, we are so ashamed to be seen, but whats the worst that can happen? We are protected under law in America so We can have confidence!

Please Please try to nurse with confidence right in the public eye. If you are met with rudness, just be strong and remember you are teaching a new generation to do whats best for their future children.

OK thats my big old speach, I hope some of you feel empowered to nurse with confidence. I cant change the country alone!

But I will be right here in Port Washington Wisconsin

nursing in plain view right along with all of you.

Stay confident!!


Sally - posted on 07/12/2010




Yes the baby boomer generation was trained to do a lot of scary things. My MIL fed my husband propped in his carseat because the nurses at the hospital told her that because she was young and he was her first baby if she tried to hold him while he ate he would choke and die.
However, I've had many women of that generation stop me at the grocery store when I'm shopping with a baby attached to my nipple. They tell me how they wish they had known that nursing their babies was healthy so they could have done it. They tell me how brave I am to put my baby's needs ahead of societal mores. And Oh they are so jealous of baby wearing. They go on and on about how much easier that would have made their lives. :)


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Heather - posted on 07/16/2010




One thought on NIP. I do it and do it happily, but I do think it is important to be discreet. I once had a woman in my restaurant who sat on the outside of a booth (it was self seating), facing oncoming people, in the aisle where every last person walks. It made every single person uncomfortable when they walked around the corner to sit and were surprised by her boob. (She also had her whole shirt pulled open and down - clearly trying to make a statement!) The best way that we as nursing mothers can help to make NIP accepted is by showing people that it can be done discreetly! People will sometimes be offended when they have had an experience of someone trying to make a statement by making it impossible to ignore. I'm happier just being ignored when I am feeding my baby - I don't want conversations, I want my child to be fed. THAT'S the purpose behind nursing, whether in public or not!

Becky - posted on 07/15/2010




I totally agree! I think its ironic that we're told that we should breastfeed (duh) but, we're given dirty looks or get comments about how we shouldn't NIP. I NIP proudly, which I'm really g;ad I do because I know I'm helping my pregnant friends break down the NIP barriers! =)

Valerie - posted on 07/15/2010




You go girl! my nursing days are long gone but I nursed wherever, whenever and that was my right and the right thing to do...i agree wholeheartedly and encourage my daughters and other nursing moms to do the same...

Shyla - posted on 07/15/2010




I always do but I went on a date with my son and tried to feed my son and the guy was very nervous!

D.Denise - posted on 07/13/2010




With my first son, I hid in bathrooms and tried nursing to the sounds of loud flushing which startled him and made the experience a negative one. After awhile, I loosened up a bit and was discreet about nursing in public but more comfortable with it and so was he. I hated that some people had the nerve to approach me while nursing and discourage me. Of course, I set them straight. If you want to voice an opinion about feeding children, discourage BOTTLEFED babies with formula as the best thing for a child is breastmilk! I do understand that some women aren't able to produce enough milk or any at all and that's their option to bottlefeed, but putting such a negative light on breastfeeding is doing a horrid disservice to future generations of females. It truly is a wonderful experience of bonding and nurturing to breastfeed instead of bottlefeeding. You have to pay attention to your child and you can't just prop it up on a pillow while you shop away! hahah Good luck future generations of breastfeeders! :)

Merry - posted on 07/13/2010




We werent attacking baby boomers, just pointing out that there was alot of bad advise back then. I love my grandma to bits but I wouldnt take any of her parenting advise :)

Rachael - posted on 07/13/2010




first off I think an attack on the baby boomers is unnecessary. Each generation can only use the information that is presented to them when making their decisions. That being said I have nursed my son in public from the time he was a week old without a cover. My son has never liked being covered up when nursing and you can't see anything anyway. I have refused when well meaning restaurant staff covered me with a napkin after a couple complained and then had to defend my right to nurse in public. It was actually a group of baby boomers that stood up to the 20 something woman who was criticizing me for "revealing myself" during her meal, which is why I have to laugh at your stereotypes. =)

Kirsten Veronica - posted on 07/13/2010




I'm a proud public breastfeeder in NJ and PA. I try not to flash the innocent public, but don't stress if my wiggly little almost 1 year old just HAS to peek around during her meal. I learned very quickly that a baby born in August will MELT under a cover while breastfeeding in the hottest part of the summer, as will I. :) And I hate public restrooms in general and refuse to feed my baby in one.

Last week, I breastfed V in the Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ! ROCK ON! ;)

Danelle - posted on 07/13/2010




.I'm a proud nursing mom in Jersey. Luckily my mom bf all of us and didnt go with the formula fad. Plus she was a hippie. lol But also very stubborn. I always nurse around kids mine or not (but i am discreet) to show them there is another way to feed a baby. My MIL loves when i nurse. She's always so amazed. She wished she had nursed hers to. Hopefully nursing will become more popular. I'm all for NIP no matter where i am!

Merry - posted on 07/12/2010




Yeah, I still am not giving cows milk to Eric and he is 15 months. I learned that as long as he is nursing at least 3 times a day there is no need for cows milk. Even as adulths though we dont "need" milk but it is a simple source of calcium and vit D. Personally I dont drink it cause it causes me to gag, but I get the benifits from other sources :)
Im so glad Eric is healthfully attatched to me :) And of course he will be dependant on me until he is around 18 and leaves my house. lol

Racheal - posted on 07/12/2010




yes hopefully, they were very anti breastfeeding back then because they were affraid the child would become to dependent..but i am glad that research and science is on my side now!! cows milk is so horrible for anybody under 12 months!!!

Merry - posted on 07/12/2010




Good point Racheal, yes there was that huge formula fad in the baby boomer era. I heard my grandmother say that she was advised to nurse only 6 weeks and then wean to bottles with cereal in it. also she was told to start baby veggies at 3 months and fruits at 3.5months and meats at 4 months. and cows milk anytime. and alot of bottles of water were given too. she was also taught to use a strict 4hr feeding schedule and use cry it out often to "teach the baby who is boss".
tangent, lol but yes she was only following what she was taught so hopefully new knowledge will improve baby care.

Racheal - posted on 07/12/2010




ok this might sound very mean but its my thought and opinion....i believe once the "baby boomer" generation dies off then breastfeeding will be more likly accepted by the general public in America!

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