Arm numbness/pain at night

Kelsey - posted on 11/29/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 8 weeks old and about 3 weeks ago I started waking up at night because my arm/hand was tingling like it was asleep. I thought that it was related to my right breast getting really full during the night when my son sleeps for longer periods between feedings (3-4 hrs). I had been pumping it but that only relieved it temporarily. I have been trying to not pump because I want my supply to adjust to his needs and so if I get up and walk around it usually helps and then I can get back to sleep for a few hrs. But the last couple of days even that doesn't work and now it tingles/hurts during the day if I lie or sit down for long periods as well as when I use it. The longer I ignore the tingling the more bothersome it gets and it actualy becomes very painful. Not only is this interfering with my ability to sleep but I can't nurse in the side-lying position which is my favorite because my baby is so cuddly! Anyone else experiencing something similar?

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Maria - posted on 11/30/2008




I would also think it could be that you are having some body alignment issues. Breastfeeding and caring for you new baby puts your body into new and unusual positions. I had a lot of neck and shoulder pain that even radiated down my arms in the beginning. My chiropractor helped me a lot and then just like any new "exercise" I was able to get use to the new stresses on my body. I also found it very important to have a pillow under the arm on the side I was nursing on. Maybe since you are side-lying you are pitching a nerve some how? Best of luck!

User - posted on 11/30/2008




I could be way off - but it could simply be anxiety. I has simmilar arm/chest pain issues (this was pre-baby) and it turned out to be anxiety. Surprising as I didn't think I felt anxious! Maybe call a LC or two and see if there is anyway it could be related to the BFing - if not, look up anxiety on webmd.

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