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Sia - posted on 03/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my 8 week old is awake most of the day now. He takes 20minute naps about 5 times a day, a 2hour nap mid day and at night sleeps in 3hour periods. I usually spend my day feeding and entertaining him. (No complaints here) He is a breastfed baby and we've been giving him the bottle at least 0nce a day. Some days he takes it and others he doesn't. When with other people, including his father, he spends most of his time crying or fussy.
I have been told by older women that he stays awake and is fussy because he is hungry and I should supplement with formula. He has several dirty diapers, 10-14 in 24 hours. He seems satisfied, he even pulls away when he is done and if I pump after wards there is still milk available. Is it strange to have an 8 week old awake for most of the day? Am I spoiling him because I spend my day entertaining or holding him?

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Andrea - posted on 03/29/2009




He sounds like a pretty typical 8 week old. His sleep will consolidate more the older he gets. You can only judge if he's getting enough based on his output & growth- it sounds like he's having plenty of wet & dirty diapers! Just because he's fussy a lot doesn't mean he's hungry!

You're doing a great job! I don't believe you can spoil a baby that young- they need to know that you're there for them when they need you.

Randi - posted on 03/29/2009




My son was the same way at first. Does your 8 week old sleep well through the night? They are still getting used to life and will develop their sleeping patterns when their ready. I'm still nursing with out formula. If your son is gaining weight he's suposed to be gaining and growing the way he's suposed to theirs no need for formula. I'm just talking on my experiences. I'm a 21 yr old first time mom. I hope I helped. You can;t spoil a baby. If you feel your doing the best you can thats all you can do. :-D dont fret

Rebecca - posted on 03/29/2009




My 8 week old baby is exactly the same during the day, only he sleeps for 8 hours at night, feeds, and then goes back to sleep for 3 hours with no issues. I've put it down to he's just too interested in what's going on to sleep. He naps but thats it, and when you put him down he wakes again within 15 mins. I know he's not hungry because he is growing at a faster rate than he should, has lots of wet nappies and seems happy as long as someone has him. I also can express after he feeds. People have told me I should leave him to cry until he sleeps during the day but I really don't want to, I think it's horrible and don't want to mess with his patterns as he does so well at night of his own accord. I bought a sling to carry him around in that I only use during the day. He happily sleeps while I get stuff done. When he's a little older he should be able to entertain himself a little more with toys, but if he's still clingy i'll re-evaluate.

Apparently I was like this as a baby too and I turned out ok :)

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