back on the pill while breast feeding..

Ashley - posted on 12/09/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




i went back onto the birth control pill my daughter is 8 months and i am still breast feeding, i have not yet gotten my period, now that i am on the pill should i expect to get it?? my doctor did not tell me anything just ran in wrote prescription and ran out. oh an is there any side affects of taking the pill and breast feeding?? thanks :)

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Heidi - posted on 12/11/2010




mini pill only and somtimes your period won't come back till you have completely weaned. which may be months (or years) down the track. enjoy not having it!

Ashley - posted on 12/11/2010




the doctor could give you bc pill that you can use while your breastfeeding.. the doctor gave me some right before i had my tubes tied they were all pink

Megan - posted on 12/10/2010




have to make sure dr knows ur bf or the hormones will go 2 baby i did take the pill and my milk and period were regular if that helps any.

Amy - posted on 12/10/2010




I went on the regular birth control pill with my oldest and that completely dried me out, I ended up completely quiting at 6 months due to that. While on it I got my period exactly like I should. The first one or two months it was a little weird, but after that it started to get back to normal.

This time around I went on the mini-pill, I've been spotting on and off for a few weeks now, I notice i spot the most in the morning after I go 9 hours with out pumping.

It depends on your body, but the regular pill I think you should get it back shortly after starting it, but for the mini-pill it's completely different for every women.

Katie - posted on 12/10/2010




I've been on the mini pill since my daughter was about 6 months old. She's 8 months now, and I still haven't gotten my period back. I'm not missing it though. I haven't had any side effects while being on it though.

Ania - posted on 12/10/2010




your milk supply may decrease or completely dry out if it is a full estrogen pill. It happens for some women. Also when you get your pill period your milk supply will decrease during this fake pill period

Shontelle - posted on 12/10/2010




ive been on the mini pill since my daughter was 4weeks (got my period when she was 6weeks) and my midwife told me there was no risks with the mini pill its the stronger combinded pill that has a side effect

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