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Yelena - posted on 10/28/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello all,
I am new here, this is my first post. My boy is 3 mo old. When he was a few weeks old I got a REALLY bad mastitis (sp?) and wasn't able to nurse him. So I pumped and pumped and pumped to make sure that I don't have to use formula. I know formula is fine for others, but for me it is very important to feed him breast milk. Anywhooo, now, I am finally healed and can nurse him, but I don't think he is getting enough. I'll nurse him for a day or so, but then he starts waking up a whole lot more at night and just seems like he is hungry all the time. When I pump and just give him a bottle, he still wakes up during the night (every 2-3 hrs), but not as much as when he was nurse.
Does anyone has any ideas on how I can transition him? My goal is to nurse him until he is 1 and I guess I can continue pumping for the next 9 months, but OMG, not only it is PITA, but I would also like to go back to actual nursing.
Thank you much,

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Carrie - posted on 11/02/2008




It may just be that when he nurses, he is very comforted by nursing, unlike the bottle and falls asleep before he's totally full. (especially at night) so you may just have to put up with the frequent wakings for a while. hang in there - it does get easier. just let him nurse as much as he wants and you should be back on track shortly. also, there's a wicked 3mo growth spurt that you may be dealing with as well.

Amanda - posted on 11/01/2008




Something else to keep in mind (helps with sanity haha) is that our bodies take a few days to catch up to the new milk demand - my son has days when he nurses every hour until my body finally starts producing more for each feeding. Then he slows the frequency again. Those are LONG days, but it's temporary!

Tess - posted on 10/28/2008




I did the same thing and had the same issues. You have to nurse him as often as possible so your milk will supply will increase... and pump less. Pumping doesn't stimulate as much milk as actually nursing. Now he sleep (he's also 3 months old) about 4 hours at a time at night and nurses every 3 hours (more or less) during the day. But be sure to give him at least 1 bottle a day if you can (preferably by dad or someone else) so he doesn't forget...mine did and hates the bottle and just wants me. I work at home mostly so it works for me. If you get mastitis again you CAN keep nursing and do not have to pump. You'll actually heal faster :)
I pumped early on because I had to go back to work outside the home when he was 3 weeks old (I'm a photographer) and he was mostly taking bottles and my supply decreased and the bottle was easier for him. Now he just nurses.
Good luck!

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