breast-feeding vs. formula

Eloise - posted on 08/20/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I feel that some people go on about breast-feeding a bit too much! I'm not saying that its a bad thing because even I believe that breast-feeding is the best for the baby and a great convienient way of feeding a baby, but because it is so hyped up mothers like me feel bad when they have to go onto bottle feeding because for some reason they cannot breast feed. for me i had to put my baby onto bottle feeding at around 3 weeks, she was having two bottles of pumped breast milk and two bottles of formula, but because pumping was so time consuming i didnt have time to do it everytime i needed to and now my milk supply has dried up so now she is on full formula. when i decided to go onto full formula it really got me down because all new mothers hear about is how great breast feeding is and how it is the best way to feed the baby, so i felt like i had failed as a mother because i couldnt provide for my baby.

My daughter Maya is now one 5 weeks old and growing well and is enjoying being on full formula.

I feel that it would help if people would mention that although breast is best, there is no reason that new mothers should feel guilty for feeding formula as it is just as good because the baby is still getting what they need.

In the end its whats best for the mother and the child and for some people that is formula feeding.

this is just my opinion on it and i hope this message does not offend any proud breast feeding mothers, as although i am feeding my daughter formula i have a high respect for any mother breast feeding as i found it so hard!!!

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Minnie - posted on 08/20/2009




I've never, and would never say that breast is best.

Breast is normal.

Katie - posted on 08/20/2009




I agree. There are lots of pro-formula moms, so those that support breastfeeding are trying to preach louder to make up for their small voices. Plus there is such an intense controversy over nursing in public and as a nursing mom you feel compelled to speak up for you son or daughter's right to nourishment without being discriminated against. That said- if you are having some 2nd thoughts about the formula feeding you can try to relactate. Just b/c it didn't work out initially you may have better luck if you try again. A good LLL could help you, plus

Chona - posted on 08/20/2009




I had to also give my daughter a bottle of expressed breast milk. I think the reason "some people go on about breast-feeding a bit too much" is because the state really pushes formula feeding here in America. New mothers don't know how else to feed their babies. If your low income the state gives you free formula. They don't encourage breastfeeding and don't support new mothers that are trying to figure it out. People in other countries associate Americans with formula. In my opinion that's why people that support breastfeeding are trying to get the word out that "Breast is Best".

This is just my thoughts.

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