Breastfeading my 2 yr old

JENNIFER - posted on 10/29/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




HI My son just turned two and he is still nursing. He nurses 2-3 times a day. I dont know how to wean him. He only drinks water from a sippy cup and refuses milk.He is a good eater.Any suggestions on how to stop?Thanks

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Allison - posted on 10/30/2008




I nursed my first for 23 months. It was hard to get her to transition to a sippy cup/milk - but we finally did it by using Nuby cups/bottles (they were more squishy - like mommy) and shouting "Yea!" and clapping our hands whenever she even attempted to use the cup. Re: weaning - try to distract him when he wants to nurse with a fun toy or activity. Find other ways to cuddle with him since at this point that is what he is getting from nursing. Helps if you don't offer - and if he asks to try distraction. Won't work unless you are completely ready to wean. If you aren't ready - then wait until you are.

Elizabeth - posted on 10/30/2008




My first stop by herself. She wanted to play with the big kids (her cousins) and not be with me so she told me no and just pushed away. She was 1 year 1 week old. Maybe hang around kids who dont nurse and see what happens. My second will probably nurse till she goes to kindergarden =P LOL

Ronica - posted on 10/30/2008




I know how it feels, my daughter is 13 months and will drink from a bottle, water and milk, but she knows what she wants and some days will nurse 2x and others 5x. It's driving me nuts. I have no idea to get to the final step but if you find out I'd love to know. Sorry I can't be more than support. :)

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