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Those of you who have or who still are breastfeeding after one year, do you give your baby cows milk at all? My son will be 1 at the end of the month. I have a very hard pumping enough milk for bottles while I'm at work...but I'm managing. I hate pumping, but I love nursing. How did you transition to cows milk?

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Tanyia - posted on 11/18/2008




I am still breastfeeding at 19 months,i exclusively breastfed till around 15 months when i started introducing cows milk,while he would drink water from a cup..At first i would give the milk half watered down to he got used to the taste wasnt overly fussed on it for a while,perfers mums milk...

Jennifer - posted on 11/17/2008




i started offering my daughter cows milk at 1 year. she prefers my milk...from the breast only! she is almost 2 now and drinks a little bit of cows milk (at mealtimes) and only nurses before bed. Pumping is difficult. offer him some cows milk...he will likely refuse it for a while but at least he has the option while your at work.

Wendy - posted on 11/17/2008




I gave both my breast feeding children cows milk at one year, no adverse problems - they primarily drank cows milk during the day and then nursed in the mornings and evenings. It was an easy transition. I did not warm the cows milk - they drink it cold and love it. I didn't want to start a habit that would be difficult to follow up on 100% of the time!

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I make yogurt, Kefir (probiotic yogurt), fruit smoothies for my son and have been for almost a year. He's 23 mo. almost. He loves them, will only take straight cows milk from time to time, then he does drink water too, since he's older. But, otherwise he still loves to nurse too!. Well he eats us out of house and home too... especially when it comes to blue berries and little cuttie mandarin oranges. LOL!

Brenda - posted on 11/16/2008




I am/have breastfed 3 kids and mine all started on homo milk around 10 months. No allergies in my family so didn't worry about it. They would drink from a cup maybe 1-3 oz a day. Never affected the breastfeeding at all.

Amanda - posted on 11/16/2008




Both my kids were breastfed until about 17 months - I switched them onto a cup of warm cows milk after their afternoon naps at about twelve months they were only having 3-4 feeds by then and i enjoyed the evening before putting them to bed ones anyway. It worked for my two anyway..

Becky - posted on 11/15/2008




I have been nursing my son now for 14 months and I actually just recently (about 3 weeks ago) put him on cow's milk. There are allergies in my family so we didn't rush to transition that. I was nursing as well as giving formula for bottles at daycare. I hated pumping....I had to go back to work at 6 months and managed to keep up with breastmilk up until the year mark. it was hard but I knew it was what my son needed. When I did start my son on cows milk, I mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with breastmilk and homo milk or formula and homo milk. He seemed fine with the taste and everything so we switched really easily. My son recently had a major viral infection and we decided to take him back off milk until the spring because of the allergies in my family we thought that may have contributed. So i'm back to making bottles of formula... :(

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