breastfeeding = saggy breasts??

Sandie - posted on 02/15/2011 ( 20 moms have responded )




a few friends ive spoken to, and queries on some communities within COM's have said that one reason they have for not breastfeeding either at all, or for long was because it would make theirs boobs saggy. i found this web page which explains that breastfeeding doesnt make them saggy, its the pregnancy, and weight gain and loss etc...thought it might be interesting for new mums, or ladies not sure about breastfeeding yet :)

theres a few other interesting pages within this website, eg. bed sharing, CIO info, etc.


Mary Renee - posted on 02/20/2011




Oh man, the first time I heard saggy breast as being a reason not to breastfeed was on Teen Mom, and the horrible thing was that it was the girl (Farrah's) MOTHER who was telling her daughter not to breastfeed! Horrible!!!!

Oh my gosh, I was thinking the other night while I was nursing my daughter her night feeding in the side lying position how it's actually convienient for my breast to be slightly more "saggy" now, so my breast can reach her mouth easier!!!!!! Hahah. Has anyone see the movie "Babies" with the babies from Africa, Japan, San Francisco, and Mongolia? The African Mom's boobs are out and they're down to her belly button but in one scene she's breastfeeding like the whole village!!!!!! She's nursing her infant, and her toddler, and then another toddler comes up for a sip too. That woman is freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! After I saw that I really stopped caring about if my boobs were less "perky" and just started to thinking about them as being amazing tools that nourish another LIFE!!!!!!!

I mean... that's what they are THERE for...that's their PURPOSE!!!!! We don't have boobs to look cute for men, we have boobs to feed babies. Some people are way too wrapped up in the bullshit.

(oh, and even if we ARE going to be superficial, I'm 24 years old and got back to my pre-pregnancy weight (115) when my daughter was 7.5 months old... meanwhile, there are plenty of girls from my highschool graduating class that still have their freshman 15 (or 30 or 40!) and they didn't even HAVE babies.... so yeah, I'd much rather have my boobs be saggier from pregnancy than have a beer belly from doing too many keg stands...)


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Rachel - posted on 02/19/2011




i breastfed my daughter for 10 months or so and although my breasts went back to their regular-slightly larger than pre-pregnancy size (same as about 16-20 weeks pregnant), they were not saggy at all lol They are more sensitive i find but other than that, they are perfectly fine! I am currently 34.5 weeks along and although my breasts are heavy again and i plan to breastfed- im suer they will be fine after i'm done feeding my next little one. Afterall- what are they here for!! People who dont even try breastfeeding without a good reason are sorta lazy inmy eyes. Don't judge what you dont know lol woman were given breasts to feed their children and until 50 years ago you had no choice! lol formula has made mothers selfish!! Try hard and if you dont succeed, yes there is formula, but remember it is the most natural way to feed your child and its another beautiful part of being a woman and a mother :) *breastfeeding all the way ladies!*

Momof1 - posted on 02/19/2011




Well if you do have saggy boobs, then get a good bra. :) I breastfed for 13.5 months and have been done for 1.5 months so far. My boobs are still fine and still big. But that may be because I still haven't been able to lose all the baby weight yet. :( But if that is one of the reasons a women doesn't nurse, then yes, it is selfish. All boobs will eventually sag, so why not do whats best for your baby?

Petra - posted on 02/18/2011




Hi again, I am sorry that I used so strong words. I've always been self-conscious a lot about my breast and I know they won't look any better after BF. I never said that somebody is a bad mom because she doesn't BF. That's everybody's choice.You are just making your own conclusions. I believe there are lots of good moms that are feeding formula and I believe there are lots of situation when it's too hard to do so. What I wanted to say, for me it's not a reason and yes, I guess I am judgemental about "not having saggy boobs". I believe there is a reason why woman was "given" breast. First to attract the guy and then most importantly to use them to feed her baby, that makes sense for me.

Savona - posted on 02/18/2011




XD Ive heard of that, I didnt believe it though >.>
Wear a fitting bra and you should be fine in my opinion. =D

Michelle - posted on 02/18/2011




Im 45 and was 'blessed' with a nice boob size, which actually went up 2 cup sizes when I nursed my daughter, and have stayed there (13 years later).
Did the nursing make them saggy? Yeah, it did. That's nature, honey. You can't draw 9 oz of milk at least 4-6 times a day out of something and it not effect the breast.
If I ever have the money, I will invest in a boob lift. Its like maintenance on a car--I won't be putting bigger tires on the vehicle, just reinflating them. :-)
I refuse to call someone shallow, vain, etc because they chose not to breastfeed. I did, and I do NOT regret it...I think its a BIG reason while my child was NEVER sick enough to warrant a trip to the ER or a hospital stay. But it was a personal decision for me, as it should be for every woman. Does it make me a better mother? No. Does it mean I loved my kid more than my best friend, who bottle fed? No.
Choosing to bottle over breast does not mean a woman doesnt put her kid first. Thats a nasty, snarky thing to think and say. But I guess it takes all kinds. I just don't want to be friends with nasty, snarky people.

Samantha - posted on 02/18/2011




Wow...some women! I am now nursing #2 and have seen a MASSIVE difference in my boobs. In my first pregnancy, I went from a 34B to a 36G...still at that 36G! I stayed at this size after stopping nursing #1, throughout my entire pregnancy with #2, and now nursing #2. So I can indirectly see how they get breastfeeding causes sagging breast, but really? It is obvious age, poor health, and weigh gain is what does it! Some people need to learn common sense!

Cher - posted on 02/17/2011




haha theyre gonna sag one day anyways! Wheater or not its after pregnancy/bf-ing or after 50 years and gravity,who cares!! Its well worth it to me. I went from a A cup to a C cup and Im still breastfeeding my 11mnth old.

Briana - posted on 02/17/2011




Some people are VERY insecure with their bodies. So what? That's no reason to judge them. It didn't stop me from breastfeeding but I am getting a breast lift in a few years. We're done having kids but I will tell you that if we got pregnant by accident after my lift (and by accident I mean failed birth control), I won't breastfeed. I didn't spend all that money to have them get messed up again. Judge me ALLLLL you want. Oh well. My kid, not yours.

Petra - posted on 02/17/2011




Why don't they just say they are lazy to BF and try to find some idiotic reason...I heard many stupid reason like "I had a 9 lbs baby and didn't have enough milk....." Well, I am breastfeeding 2 boys for 9 months and there were many times that would be very easy to give up. But I am so happy I didn't even though I hate BF in the beginning, now I love it and I know I will cry when they will stop wanting mommy's "saggy" boobies (still don't know how they will look like :))))

Sylvia - posted on 02/17/2011




Believe it or not yes, I have heard this excuse from actual women :P

My own personal boobies are not, as far as I can tell (I don't have before and after photos LOL) any saggier now, after 38 weeks of pregnancy and 4+ years of nursing, than they were before. Which is to say they're medium saggy ;^)

Jennifer - posted on 02/17/2011




Actually, breast changes come from pregnancy. Breastfeeding has very little to do with it. And even if breastfeeding were the entire reason for it, I think that's a damn selfish reason not to give a baby the best nutrition possible.

Nicole - posted on 02/17/2011




to be honest hun, i didnt have the most stunning bobs to start off with.. but after breastfeeding they are completely different. they have NEVER gone back to their original size, the one is even lower than the other now.

but unlike all the other mothers who spent the first few years of their childrens life trying to keep them out of hospital with bad chest and ear infections/throat infections etc.. i had a VERY healthy boy! he was born in a horrible storm which went on to be a terrible winter. even i got sick - which never happens.. but he just got a slightly snotty nose which was gone 2 days later.. he is such a healthy boy - even today.

imo - even after all the destruction birth and breastfeeding has caused my body.. i'm greatful - my husband kisses me and tells me that that my body is amazing for what it has done and he is very greatfull. the changes are noticeable, especially to me! but hubby feels that i am still more beautiful and attractive after having a child?!!! (for some odd reason!!??)

Sarah - posted on 02/17/2011




pregnancy and age= saggy breasts.
Women so self centred and ignorant should probably not be having children anyway because saggy boobs would probably be the least of their post-pregnancy bodily worries!
Who would put the needs of their breasts ahead of the needs of their child? lol silly chickys they are! :P

Elizabeth - posted on 02/17/2011




I know that's what most women say but for me I went from a B cup to a D cup, lost a ton of weight and still no sagging (well none that i can tell) three years later.

Gina - posted on 02/16/2011




i was looking at mine the other day in the mirror and thinking wot has happend 2 them lol i ave lost quite a lot ov weight while breastfeeding . but not bothered has my 3 stars ave given me my bags under my eyes my strach marks and my saggy boobs but wud not be with out any ov it ........all worth it

Minnie - posted on 02/16/2011




Age, gravity, poor skin elasticity= saggy breasts.

Yes, Peaceful Parenting has some very valuable posts and information.

Sarh - posted on 02/15/2011




REALLY?! Moms are refusing to breast feed altogether or for long because they think their boobs will become saggy?!?!? WOW!!!
Yes, I have a fear of mine becoming very saggy, but I breastfed my daughter and now I'm nursing my 8m old son because I put my children before myself.

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