Breastfeeding to Sleep... Bad for teeth?

Chelsea - posted on 08/15/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My child's pediatrician and I were on the same page... up until recently. I am a latch-only Mommy and everyone was routing me on until lately. Now all of a sudden, breastfeeding is a bad thing and can only happen in the daytime. My son is 6 months old and has no teeth. My child's doctor has recently started making me feel like an unfit parent because I nurse my son to sleep. He says that I am going to make his teeth rot and that I need to stop feeding him at night. I tried to give him a bottle with water one night and we were up for 5 hours straight, crying and carrying on. I'm not doing that again, the dentists can kiss my unfit parent behind. My child's sense of security at night is more important than his baby teeth. I need to know how I can continue to soothe and love him to sleep while protecting his teeth. The bottle thing is out of the question... he loves food, but a plastic booby is just silly and he lets me know it. I guess I really don't even understand why this is an issue... isn't this what baby teeth are for?


Nataschasreilly - posted on 08/16/2012




I've never heard of this claim that nursing is bad for teeth. If your pediatrician is going to give you grief for breastfeeding, I'd suggest looking for a new one. Every reputable health source recommends breast feeding for at least 1 year.

I'm with Amy. Feed on demand. If baby is hungry, feed him. If nursing helps him fall asleep, let him.

Amy - posted on 08/16/2012




Breastfeeding to sleep is not going to have any effect on your little ones teeth. You can continue breastfeeding whenever you want. If you don't like the way your pediatrician made you feel then look for one who is more educated, if this is the only issue you've had with him the next time he asks just tell him you no longer feed him to sleep if you don't want the lecture. Breastfeeding is much different the a bottle so therefore the milk doesn't pool in their mouth like bottle feeding.

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Kristine - posted on 02/03/2015




Let me caution anyone who thinks it isnt possible for a breastfeed baby to get tooth decay. I am proof they do. I have 5 kids all breastfeed. The last one likes it more often than the othets did and its somewhat tiring. Hes my last, im enjoying it as long as possible. However he eats only pure organic foods, brushes teeth regularly and at 16 months i noticed something on his teeth. im heart broken, i feel as i have failed him. Comforting him was my intention. How have i had 4 babies before and never heard this was possible? I wish i could have preventef it. Now i must change our whole sleeping routine and cut back on nursing at night. I'm just heartbroken 😞

Faith - posted on 08/16/2012




My baby is almost a year old and she still nurses to sleep. Granted, I do help her in brushing her two little teeth at night. We co-sleep as well, and she frequently latches throughout the night for comfort. She also knows the difference between plastic and the "real thing". I would do what you think is best for your child regarding her health.

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