could i be pregnant after missing pills

Debra - posted on 04/17/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi all. my question is. im 28 years old with a 2 half daughter i came iff the mirena coil 4 months ago because it was causing pain so i went on the pill. the thing is this month ive missed 5 pills not in a row all different times. ive took my last pill yesturday to come on. i have got pregnat while on the pill a few years ago just by have a sickness bug and it didnt work but sadly that ended in a still birth at 31 weeks. Could someone please give me some advice. oh and i didnt double up on any of them

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Tine - posted on 04/19/2012




The contraceptive pill only works if you take them at the same time every single day without fail.
If you miss even one in a month you must assume you are not protected and use other forms of contraception. If you have missed 5 and are having changes in your body you should simply do a pregnancy test as pregnancy is likely.
I know several babies conceived in this way...

Lori - posted on 04/17/2012




It's possible, but weight gain and larger breasts are not conclusive evidence of a pregnancy. Are you saying your period is now a week late? Or is it supposed to start this week? If it's a week late, go get a pregnancy test. Test first thing in the morning when your urine is more concentrated, and of course follow directions exactly on the test. If your period is supposed to start this week, give it a few more days and wait and see. Missing those days of taking the pills could have disrupted the normal cycle of hormones.

Amy - posted on 04/17/2012




Like Alison said some women get pregnant on the pill even when they don't miss a pill, your chances drastically increase when you miss 5. That's like not taking it for almost an entire week.

Alison - posted on 04/17/2012




Some women have got pregnant when taking the pill every day, so yes, it is very possible if you missed 5 pills.

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