Does anyone know what it takes to become a lactation consultant?

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Do you have to be a nurse? Aren't there peer mentors through La Leche League maybe? I am passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding and would like to help other women, I just don't know how to go about doing it. Thanks


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Look over this website. If you're already in the health field it's a little easier, but it's still possible if you aren't. You may need to take a couple classes and some seminars. Finding a place to get hours is the hard part. Being a WIC peer counselor or a La Leche League Leader are two ways. You could also go to school and get a degree in health sciences/human lactation. The above website has some schools that have programs with hours already worked in. Hope this helps!

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not sure about the states but in oz you could join the Australian breast feeding association in some capacity and give advice etc that way or become an en (1 year at tafe) and then do a mother craft course much faster then rn!

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I don't know if it differes between states, but it is a lot of work...many hours that you have to work for free and have a mentor to go on your own

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