Does my baby need extra vitamins when breastfeeding?

Jennifer - posted on 12/20/2008 ( 19 moms have responded )




Hi ladies! I was just wondering if any of your pediatricians have you giving poly-vi-sol to your breastfed babies? Mine said that bm can be deficient in Vit. D and I need to give him poly-vi-sol 1x/day.... The only problem with this is that I wouldn't even take the tastes and smells horrible! I gave it to him straight one day and he looked like he wanted to cry and made such an awful face:( Then I tried mixing it into his cereal (he devours cereal) and he wouldn't eat the cereal...just squeezed his little lips tight together! I don't want to deprive him of necessary nutrients but I always thought that bm had everything he needed! Any thoughts???


Colleen - posted on 12/23/2008




If he is just on Vitamin D you can get something called D-Drops, it is just one drop you put on your nipple before he starts feeding (can also be put in a spoon of cereal or on a pacifier if you use one). My little guy hates the D-Vi-Sol stuff so I picked it up. The WHO recommends D vitamins for breast fed babies as they should not be exposed to the sun for the amount of time that they would need to get the daily recommended dose.


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Emily - posted on 12/23/2008




Our doctor recommends just the D-Vi-Sol but we live in a Northern area where there isn't much sun at this time of year - I think if you're getting some sun every day and so is your little guy, you're probably ok.

Monika - posted on 12/23/2008




my doc just said a vit D supplement daily... they get all other vitamins from ur breast mik to a poly vitamin drop is not needed. My lil boy loves his d drops

Krista - posted on 12/23/2008




My Ped told me about that but said that it was NASTY! and if I couldn't get him to take it not to worry. The main reason they want you to do Vitamin D is for when they get older to prevent broken bones as an MATURE adult. As long as he drinks water of Milk til he is 18 (when he can have milk) she said not to worry. And plus you can get plenty of Vitamin D from the sun (limited time ofcourse) but do what your mommy heart tells you. Mommy instinct is great!

Laura - posted on 12/22/2008




My pedi recommended it but I have a friend who sees another pedi in the same practice and hers did not so we have been quite confused about this issue. My son and I pretty much live in our sunroom so I believe he is getting enough sun exposure. I've basically only been giving it to him when a) I remember and b) it has been overcast for more than a day or two.

Sandra - posted on 12/22/2008




Nope. My docs all concur with the research that shows my milk gives them everything they need. That stuff is nasty, anyways... LOL! All baby needs for the first 12 months is you - solids are just for fun, and the vitamins are optional, but not "mandatory".

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I have given my older daughters Tri-vi-sol, which is only vit A, D and C, and it is not so horrible tasting as that with iron.. but my current pedi said not to worry about it as long as my diet is rich in those vitamins.. The iron is the worst part.. ick what a smell!! I don't think I'll be giving it to my little one, who is almost 5 weeks.

Emily - posted on 12/22/2008




As I understand it, breastmilk is slightly deficient in Vitamin D... however, babies can get all they need by exposure to sunlight for 15 minutes per week. Even just getting my kids from the store to the car gives them enough exposure during the winter, and they definitely don't need any supplementation in the summer when we go to the park 2-3 times a week.

Gina - posted on 12/22/2008




wen i ad my son on the 13th aug this year he was given vit d drop wen he was born then i ad 2 give him a drop once a week 4 8 weeks so just keep tryin

Jennifer - posted on 12/21/2008




The brand we've been trying is Enfamil...maybe I'll try a little applesauce...he's just 5 months though so I don't want to do too many solids yet. Thanks for the info ladies:)

Christine - posted on 12/20/2008




My doctor said to give my daughter vitamin D drops. My lactation consultant didn't think I needed to worry about it. She explained that vitamin D is to help protect against rickets and that it is a more common problem in dark skinned babies. So I tired to give her vitamin D as often as I remembered but didn't stress about it when I forgot.

Not sure where you live, but I live in Canada. At Shopper's Drub Mart they carry Life brand vitamin D drops which are fruit punch flavored and smelled quite good. Any time we gave them to my daughter she happily sucked them back. You might want to see if you can find a different brand.

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My oldest threw up whenever we gave him poly-vi-sol. I wouldn't take that stuff. Yuk! I know vitamin D is generally recommended, but we live in sunny So Cal, so I didn't worry about it too much.

Carolyn - posted on 12/20/2008




My pediatrician recently told me that we needed to give our breast fed little one the poly-vi-sol as well. I take prenatal vitamins for her, and I wholeheartedly agree that breast milk is the best food for a baby. There are several recent studies that suggest that many breastfed infants to not get enough Vitamin D which can cause problems with bone development. Plus, it's winter and none of us go outside (and get as much sun and Vitamin D) as much when it's cold out (or when we're trying to keep our darling babies away from all the germs at the mall).

She hates the taste of the stuff. I can't blame her. I smelled it too. YUCK! I've found that she will take it if I mix it in with something a little bit sweet like applesauce or watered-down juice.

Good luck.

Mary - posted on 12/20/2008




No, my ped said that breastmilk is the absolute best thing for a baby and you don't need to add to it. I asked about Vit D, and she rolled her eyes and told me that some doctors are over the top. lol! She said that my baby is getting all he needs from my breastmilk and that meds and other supplements should be given only when necessary.

Jennifer - posted on 12/20/2008




I decided to supplement, since my son was born in winter. He got the supplement within about a week after birth, and it must taste okay, since he's always cheerfully accepted it. More recently, he developed an iron deficiency (not uncommon in bf babies), and that apparently tastes awful, since he won't take it without protest.

Shannon - posted on 12/20/2008




Does he drink juice?? Maybe try adding it to the juice... I am sorry I can't be of much help, my pediatrician doesn't have us give the vitamins since my son gets a lot of time outside, and we give him about 6 oz of formula a day since I went back to work....

Darlene - posted on 12/20/2008




no i asked my pedi last visit about vitamin d drops he said no he doesn't reccomend it they get it from the sun. i know some people who dr's do reccomend it. i chose not to give it. i guess it's a toss up. do what you are comfrotable with.

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