Dry skin and milk intolerance?

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My daughter - 4 months - has dry skin patches on her legs. You can't see it, just feel it. She has one small eczema patch that I just discovered yesterday on the back of one leg also. I have cut out chocolate, nuts and citrus as one of them was causing her to has some gas, but now I'm wondering if straight milk may be the culprit. I only have milk on cereal, so it's not much, but I'm wondering if it's the reason she isn't sleeping as well as she was before at night and the cause for the dry skin. Any thoughts anyone? She is our third and our 2 boys had no problems with milk.

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Lynde - posted on 02/07/2009




My son, who is three, has had these rough dry spots since he was one month old.  The popular places it was located were:  the back of his legs, stomach, arms, cheeks (once in awhile) and elbows. Just tiny patches, nothing too extreme. I was still concerned like any other first time mother, so I took him to his doctor. The result was Eczema, and the doctor prescribed him with a steroid; a mild one, but none-the-less a steroid. The doctor said the culprit(s) might of  been what I was eating or drinking (since I was nursing), milk, cheese etc. Or, he could be allergic to lotions, bath time washes etc.  I also found out temperature changes can make him break out.

So as of now, he only has a tiny patch on his stomach. I've limited bath time to no longer than ten minutes (break outs can occur if he is in the tub for a longer period) After every bath or anytime he is going to be in contact with water, the cold, or heat outside, I rub him down with lotion. This keeps the skin moist, and prevents cracking. I used the steroid once, and after that I changed to this routine. I also switched from harsh laundry detergents to organic based products. Expensive, but worth it. 

And for the milk intolerance, my mom's sister in law has three little girls. She was a nursing mother who loved ice cream and cheese. The first child she had was unable to sleep well at night, had bad gas issues, was irratable, and always vomited. The doctor told her to switch over to goat milk, and yogurt ice cream, and limit cheeses. Everything from that point on was much better. Then with the next two children she never had to make that same switch over, everything was fine without the goat milk. So, I guess every baby is different :)

Just some thoughts to give to you, hope they can help! Good luck!



Margot - posted on 02/07/2009




They dry spots could caused by the soap you bathe her in, any lotions or creams, laundry soap. Or maybe cologne or perfume. Also depending on where you are located, you may not have much humidity in the air. You can get a couple of cheap ones from Walmart.

A friend of mine has a little boy and he has always had dryer skin than the "average" baby. She would buy the bar soap (with no scent) and would lotion him up with Eucerin. She also has humidifiers. He doesn't really breakout in dry spots anymore. You could also try Aveno, it's expensive tho. They also make creams for babies with eczema, which can be pricey too. All depends on what you want to try.

I have psoraisis and my oldest has some eczema, so we are very cautious with what we put on our body.

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