Going on an 8 hr car trip!

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Next month I am taking my son to Kentucky and he will be 7 months old. He's on a pretty regular feeding schedule so I am not too worried about that. But, he hates car rides, so any suggestions on both of us survivng this would be great.


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Do you have a baby mirror up so you can see him and he can see you? I make activitiy bags when we go on long trips. My children are a bit older (5, 2.5, 14 months) but we've been going on long trips their whole lives. I pack wipes, easy access snacks (not sure if your little one eats snacks other than breastmilk/formula), smaller easy to clean toys (something to make some noise (ie rattle) so he knows you can hear him without screaming), one favorite stuffed animal, a pillow, a blanket they snuggle with, and some of their favorite music to sing along to. We always put them in the most comfortable clothing (generally pajamas) and make frequent stops (about once every two or three hours) to get out and get some air and cuddle.

The most important thing to remember is to be patiend and stay calm. Try to keep a positive energy in the car. I know this isn't easy when there is traffic, weather, navigation, and so many other things to juggle but babies sense stress and it puts them on edge. Keep things relaxed, laugh together, sing together, and just enjoy the trip. Hope you have a great one, Kentucky is beautiful!

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When my son was 4 months old we drove from North Carolina to Florida, and we had some worries as well because he too hated the car. So we drove at night time when he was more likely to sleep. My husband slept the day and later that night we loaded up the kids and went on our trip. My son woke up on his scheduled feeding then went right back to sleep. Whatever you decied to do just remember you two are a team, and keep your sense of humor. It will get easier to travel with a little one.

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