Home made baby food?

Terri - posted on 05/17/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Any suggestions for home made stage 3 type meals? I will be starting my son on meat in the next month, I think (he's 8 months old, I can't remeber when to start on meat). I cannot for the life of me remeber what I did for my daughter at this age. I don't want to give him those store bought dinners, but am also a working family, any ideas? Thanks!

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Jamie - posted on 05/19/2009




Salmon is a great "meat" to start your baby on...my doctor told me I could start my son on salmon at 6 months because it contains so many good things. I would buy frozen, cook it, and mix it up with some sweet potatos or mashed potatoes. My son loved it. As he got older I would often make extra of whatever we were eating and then blend it up and freeze some for him. Spaghetti was always a big hit.

I started with the ice cube trays too and that worked great in the beginning and later for fruits and veggies. Then I bought some of the smallest plastic bowls (glad throw-away ones) I could find and put his food in there and froze it until it was needed.

Chelsea - posted on 05/17/2009




Here are some suggestions:

If you make macaronie and cheese chop up some of the dinner for him to eat. Make he cheese sauce with pureed carrots and cucumber in it so it already has veggies in it.

If you make soup give him chunks of the veggies that are already soft and add a grain such as pasta for him.

If you make tacos give him beans cooked well and cut in half with another veggie or fruit that is cut up and soft.

If you make breakfast for dinner scramble him up an egg yolk and give him bits of the pancake.

If you serve chicken poach or steam a portion of him and grind it up.

If you serve a dish with mashed potatoes give him some mashed potatoes with some tofu mixed in for added protein

If you serve pasta just chop up some for him and add a fruit of a veggie and a protein such as cheese, yogurt or tofu

Here are some suggestions for food that is easy to grab if you can't have a variation of what you made for the family:

Scrambled egg yolk

Chunks of uncooked tofu (sounds strange but my daughter loves this and it's a great source of protein)

Chunks of watermelon

Chunks of avocado

Chunks of banana

Bread with melted cheese (if you have introduced dairy)

Apple sauce with cereal mixed in

Yogurt (if you have introduced dairy)

Refried beans

Any bean chopped up (such as black beans, kidney etc.)

Pasta chopped up

Cottage Cheese

Small bits of cheese such as mild cheddar

What I do is I make batches of steamed sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, regular potatoes, apple, pear etc and I mashed them up slightly and put them in ice cube trays . When they are frozen I pop out the cubes and store them as batches in ziplock bags in the freezer. Then when I need a fruit or veggie for a meal I grab a cube or two.

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