Hostility when I tried to pump at work. Please Help!!

Stephanie - posted on 08/27/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




When my son was born we had a very rocky start, he was very stong for his age and he would latch on very well, but push himself off with his hands and would get fustrated because he didnt know why his food went away, starting a cycle of pushing and fustration and crying. I refused to give him a bottle until it was absolulty necessary(his blood sugar was starting to drop) he then proceded to eat an entire 2oz bottle. I felt horrible I felt like I was starving my baby because I was being stubborn. I then began a cycle of trying to breasfeed him, failing, giving him a bottle of formula, and pumping (my milk hadnt come in yet so there wasnt a whole lot of anything). When we got home it was even worse becaue there were no lactation consultants to come help me, I remember for the first 2 or 3 weeks home, going in my room pumping and crying at my failed attempt. Things did get better, he slowy learned to latch on and by 6 weeks we both were pros, I loved it! I started a new job at a hospital when he was 10 weeks old, when I interviewed for the position I told them that I was a breastfeeding mother, that I did not intend to stop, and that i would need to pump 3 times during my 12 hour shift, I was told that was perfectly fine and that there was even a pump room with a sink and a fridge. My first day of training I was told point blank by my instructor that i could not leave to go pump. Most of the time i was not able to leave the floor long enough to pump 3 times a day, a few times I went almost 14 hours with out pumping or feeding (and my son was still feeding every 3-4 hours). I endured people talking behind my back about how I was riduculous, and lazy. Coworkers of mine would even say things directly to me (and I work with 90% women) I was fustrated once again but it was all worth it when i would get home and snuggle up on the couch and breastfeed my beautiful son. I only lasted until he was 6 months old before my supply dried up(not for a lack of trying). I had planned on breastfeeding him until he was ready to wean. My son is now 10 months old and perfectly healthy, and me and my husband are considering having another child. I want things to go differently I feel that i worked too hard in the begining for other people to cheat me out of what could have been years of wonderful breastfeeding., Has anyone had a similar problem? Can anyone PLEASE HELP ME I do not want this to happen again!


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It is now Federal Law that any employer with over 50 employees accommodate for breastfeeding mothers.

It is also good to bring this up before you get pregnant and make sure that your employer is aware of this Federal Legislation. I also recommend keeping up the dialogue about breastfeeding throughout your pregnancy. Stick to your guns, you will do well!

If you are employed by an employer with less than 50 employees, get all the studies together and ensure that they know that if you breastfeed, this will make you a healthier person and mother and make your baby healthier, too. Therefore, making you a better employee and one that will cost them less in healthcare costs and time away from work tending to a sick child, etc. A few breaks for pumping will cost them less in the long run. Also, since it is in the healthcare field, it is only ethical that they uphold and defend the AAP guidelines.

Get LLL involved, if they still give you any opposition.

You can do it!

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