How do I stop the "comfort boob" cycle?

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I have a 4 month old who just had surgery over a week ago and the only way he is comforted is by using sucking on my boob. He won't use a pacifier and because of his surgery he can't suck on his hands. It's really hard at night. Before the surgery he would sleep through the night, now the only was I can get him to sleep is when he is suckeling. After he falls asleep on the boob I'll lay him down, but no more than 10 mintues later he's up crying again. Help! Please I need this to stop. My nipples are starting to really hurt.

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Aileen - posted on 07/01/2010




aww, poor baby! (You too) I don't know what the surgery consisted of, but a week really isn't that long from the surgery. It was very traumatic to him, and he's probably going to need comfort and reassurance for a while. He may still have pain even, and he needs you close to feel secure. My daughter also wouldn't take a pacifier, but she is able to suck on her hands. Can you give him one of your clean fingers to suck on? I also noticed my daughter is willing to suck on her blanket if it's all that is available, maybe he'd be willing to do that? Also use some lanolin cream on your nipples to help keep them from cracking from all the suckling, it may help with some of the soreness. I'm sorry he had to endure a surgery at such a young age, I saw my younger brother go through many surgeries as an infant, and it really is hard on the whole family. I hope he feels better and more settled soon!

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