is it bad to be given your baby powder milk as well as breast

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Nichole - posted on 10/25/2008




Yes it is bad, it does not have the right nutrients your baby needs to grow. Formula also has a lot of unnecessary additives that can be harmful to your baby's health in the future. Breastmilk really is the best for your baby, it's exactly what he/she needs to thrive and an excellent start to a healthy life.

Sarah - posted on 10/22/2008




I have twins and worked full time. I had to pump when I was at work and couldn't ever get enough to feed them for the next day. I mixed powdered formula with the breast milk so I had enough to feed them. My doctor said it was not a big deal. My girls never had a problem with it. You just want to make sure they don't have any negative responses to the type of formula you select to use. Some babies are more sensitive to it. You might want to ask your doctor about it. Good luck!

Nicole - posted on 10/22/2008




i have never tried giving powder milk but i have supplemented with formula. i'm willing to bet that it has more of the nutrients that a baby needs than the powdered milk does.

Kami - posted on 10/18/2008




I breast feed and supplement with powdered formula as well. My LC told me that this was okay to do.

Kimberly - posted on 10/17/2008




I'm a fan of breast only.

Though - what do you mean by powdered milk? Formula or actual powdered milk? How old is your babe? If under 12M and you want to supplement definately use formula not powdered milk. You will be jeopardizing your own milk production. Breast works like a take out - order first (by sucking) and milk made. If nurished by other things, milk naturally goes down. I believe after 12M whole milk is best. Powdered milk is usually skim milk I think. Babes need fat to make healthy brains.

Michele - posted on 10/17/2008




i personally wouldnt give powder milk. but to supplement with powder formula is okay.

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