Is this normal 3 sopping wet nappies in 24hours max

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My daughter is 5 1/2months old and i exclusivly breastfeed till 3months then had to start her on solids as she would steal food out of everones hands and eat it but she has only gone wees 3times max in 24hours for the last 2 months. She also would rather eat solids then feed from me she only breastfeeds for bout 5mins during the then starts playing she has big feeds when she wakes up and before going 2 sleep for the night (sleep time is 9pm and wakes up between 630am and 7am has a feed then goes back 2 sleep till 1030am) and stays awake for hours at a time during the day only having 1 1hour nap. Is this normal?


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It can be frustrating when babies become distractible and it takes a lot of effort to get them to nurse well!

It's hard to gauge what a 'wet' diaper counts as with disposables- are you using disposables?

La Leche League qualifies a 'wet' diaper in a baby older than six weeks as containing four or more ounces of urine. The urine should be clear and never smelly. Four or five wet diapers containing this amount is normal.

Babies do go through periods of distractibility. It can be hard to get a good feeding in when the world is so interesting! Since your milk should be priority until she is at least 12 months old finding ways for her to get as much of your milk as possible can help her.

Most babies will pace themselves with solids a bit better if they are allowed to feed themselves. She can have baby-manageable pieces of your own meal. Infants under 12 months should be nursed first before eating solids so that they don't fill up on solids.

Some mothers nurse their babies in low-distraction areas during these times. Lying down in bed in the dark with a fan on can help a baby nurse more effectively.

Offering to nurse frequently rather than waiting for her to ask can help remind her that you are available to nurse.

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