Need advice: stubborn baby won't go down for naps

Sherree - posted on 05/12/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 7 month old daughter has only ever been able to fall asleep during the day if she is riding in the car, her stroller, her sleigh or her swing. Also, if she breastfeeds to sleep, but then I can't put her down or she wakes up very annoyed. I have had enough of it (although I won't take it to the point of letting her cry herself into a tizzy). I am mostly worried about what will happen next year at the babysitters and what will happen this summer when we are visiting family and I will need to be able to get her to nap and be able to put her down so I can do other things!

Today I tried unsuccessfully twice to feed her until she was drowsy and put her in her crib. Both times were a mess. She was very mad at me this second time - lots of screaming - and there was such hurt in her eyes when I finally picked her back up and then she wouldn't go back to sleep. So she has had zero nap today when she usually does at least 2. It is very upsetting to us both and I am in need of advice right now.

Am I doing the right thing? Do I keep trying to put her down in the crib and if she gets no nap, then so be it? Or do I let her fall asleep in the car or stroller just for the sake of letting her get some sleep?


Anastasia - posted on 05/12/2009




is she tired because she's not sleeping? if she's tired she needs sleep, if she's not than she may not need to nap during the day anymore. my 6m2w boy has been doing the EXACT same things for the last 3 weeks. He needs movement to go to sleep or to be bf to sleep, his is coz he's teething. if she is tired than continue to try to get her to sleep, but don't get yourself upset over it, if its not working than give her some toys to distract her and hav a rest on the couch while u supervise her. (its wat im doing)

Emma - posted on 05/13/2009




i had exactly the same problem.

if my daughter didnt have a nap in the day it was harder to get her to sleep at night.

i felt soooo guilty letting her cry, but when i was at my wits end i tryed it now i wish i had done it earlyer.

when i know she was tired i fed her untill she had finished then i layed her down and she cryed and i picked her up and cuddled her every 5 mins (i was advised 10 mins but i felt like i needed a cuddle, lol) first night she went to sleep after 40 mins, second night took 25 mins, third night took 10 mins, then since the forth night i havnt had to pick her up

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Arlene - posted on 05/14/2009




the key: catching her right when she shows signs of sleepyness, ie: yawning, glazed look, day dreaming...then put her down

lull her to sleep: paci, BF, white noise, darken room, just like night time, what ever you can do to get her back to sleep

keep at it: i usually try for 20 min..if my LO doesnt fall asleep then, i try the next nap oppertunity

KEEP TRYING!! it may take a week or the same thing everyday..babies love routine and knowing what comes next.

hope this CAN fix this...

Nicole - posted on 05/13/2009




It's difficult when they know what's going on, and it sounds like she's quite aware since she's older. With my son who was difficult to get to sleep I started to rock him and nurse him with a soothing item (soft blanket). I associated that item with the things/times he liked. Now when he goes down for nap/bed I put it in his hands and it comforts him. I also let him cry it out (a bit) I would go in first in 15 minutes and pat his back, then back in in 10 minutes, then 5...but I would not pick him up unless he was really beside himself. It's difficult to see our children cry, however they need to learn how to fall asleep on there own. I think most specialists say it takes about 3 days to break a pattern in babies so best of luck. I hope this was helpful.

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