No let down do I get my letdown back? Please help!

ALICIA - posted on 05/11/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have been nursing my son and giving formula too due to not producing enough milk. Recentley I noticed that my letdown relfex has stopped and I'm no longer leaking. Now due to that my son doesn't want to nurse off of me anymore. I"m taking fenugreek and not really seeing a change. I have been taking this for a week now. I'm getting worried because I want to continue to breastfeed my son. What can I do to get my supply back and get my letdown back too?

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Elizabeth - posted on 06/16/2013




I was at my wits end with supply issues and let down and all of it. i tried fenugreek and other herbs, i drank plenty of water i pumped plenty, i ate oatmeal and oatmeal cookies, still a measly 2 ounces at a pump and about 12 ounces a day. .. finally i found two things that work. DOMPERIDONE and a hand held battery operated massager. The ones you find at your local pharmacy with the four ball on the end. ive been taking domperidone for only two days and already see increase in supply, i feel full again, and the let down miracle is that little hand held massager. Use it over your shirt or bra so it slides. it feels good and milk comes out right away after using it for about a minute on each side. Its awesome! The domperidone can be expensive but i found it cheaper at and i bout the generic brand for even cheaper from them. free shipping and it took only a week for it to arrive. BTW the generic one tasted better too. It the yellow box with the cherry. same exact ingridient and mg as the Motilium. It works!!!! It was my last resort and im so happy i tried it and it didnt break the bank. hope ive helped someone out there. This is my first post anywhere ever.

Celeste - posted on 05/12/2010




How old is your baby? What were the signs that led you to believe you weren't producing? The *best* sign to know that your baby is getting enough are diapers. If your baby is getting 6-8 (less is ok if they're older), then your supply was more than likely fine.

Every bottle of formula that you give can decrease supply. Your milk supply works on supply and demand, and if you're giving a bottle of formula, your body isn't getting that signal to make more milk.

If you want to continue, I would ditch the bottles and nurse directly. The more you nurse, the more you'll make. At first, he'll probably want to nurse often but that's good. That is what is going to get your supply going..

As far as letdown? Totally normal NOT to feel letdown. After a few months, some women just don't feel it anymore. I've been nursing my twin boys for 3 1/2 years and I haven't felt a letdown in quite awhile. Not leaking also doesn't mean low supply.

Read this link:

It'll tell you what does NOT mean low supply and suggestions to help

Debra - posted on 05/12/2010




I agree - pumping does help a lot - but also try increasing the amount of water you drink. I have found on days that I only drink about 1 litre - my letdown is almost non-existent, but when I drink close to my 2 litres I feel like a dairy cow needing to be milked!

Jennifer - posted on 05/11/2010




How old is your baby? MY son is a super fussy feeder and used ot choke on my fast letdown. Now it seems he can't get enough milk. I was stressed awhile back and was not relaxed during feeds and he was crying lots- duringthis time I didn't feel my letdown but he still seemed to be getting milk. Shortly after he started feeding better I had a bad biting incident (he bit me) and had to express (electric pump) all of his feeds for 5 days as it was too painful to b/feed. Sinc emy pumping I now feel my letdown again. I think becasue he was being fussy and pulling off the breast lots he wasn't drinking as much and my supply dropped. The pumping seems ot have increased my supply a bit and now have a letdown at all 4 feeds. I am only feeding 4 feeds/day and he is sleeping through the nights now. Maybe try pumping. I sit and watch tv and have a small glass of wine(not enough to poison my milk so no comments please from those who are anti alcohol!) and it relaxes me while I pump. I find if I am rushed or stressed I can't really express. I go through phases where I am relaxed whiole feeding and he seems to get enough milk but then one week he will start crying and pulling off alot and it seems I don't have enough. I too have thought about topping him up with formula but have decided against it. He is old enough that i can fill him with solids. Depending on your babies age you may also be able to do this- breastfeed then follow up with some sweet potato or something filling:) Breastfeeding is a challenge that is for sure but I am so happy I have stuck it out through all of my challenges. Good luck and pump pump pump!

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