NuvaRing and Breastfeeding

Stephonie - posted on 09/01/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




I'm on the NuvaRing and breastfeeding and my doctor never told me that I shouldn't breastfeed while on the NuvaRing, but the warning on my prescription says do not breastfeed while on the NuvaRing because it can cause the baby to have jaundice... so i just want to know is there any mothers out there that is on the NuvaRing and still breastfeeding? Did u find anything to be wrong with the baby? will it harm my baby?


Shonna - posted on 09/01/2009




I was on nuva ring prior to becoming preggers and when I went in for my postpartum checkup to check on bc, I wanted back on nuva ring, I was told by my dr that I could not get back on nuva ring until after breastfeeding has stopped because of jaundice and because it can get rid of your milk supply.

Ashley - posted on 09/01/2009




My doctor also talked to me about nuva ring and only said that what nuva ring is basically, is a estrogen and keeping it at a certain level everyday, and estrogen may make your milk decrease, that's the only reason I wouldn't use it. She never said anything about jaundice though.

Anna - posted on 09/01/2009




My OBGYN prescribed me the nuvaring and after I read the pamphlet, I called back the office with questions and they told me not to worry about the jaundice and it would not affect my milk supply. They were wrong. After I was on it for a month, my dd was nursing constantly so I pumped and found my supply had dwindled from 5oz to 1oz total. I came off the nuvaring and had to start fenugreek to increase my supply. Thankfully it came back, don't use it!

Angie - posted on 11/15/2011




It destroyed my milk supply. I used progesterone only pills until my baby weaned. I had to rent a hospital grade breast pump to get my milk supply back up.

Rachel - posted on 11/15/2011




the jaundice would be caused by your baby's liver trying to detox the large amounts of estrogen they're now getting orally. Hormones are very hard on the digestive system - even in adults. Any doctor I've ever had has stressed a progestin only form of birth control while nursing.

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Holly Janelle - posted on 11/16/2011




I was on nuvaring before I got preggo and went in for my postpartum check up and asked about it and my doc said nope it's not safe while your Breastfeeding and I didn't ask the details i trust her.

Christina - posted on 09/01/2009




yes, you should be on the mini-pill. not as convenient and it must be taken every day at approx. the same time to be effective.

Michelle - posted on 09/01/2009




well the only thing that happened to me was that my milk production went down so I stopped it after being on it for like 2 weeks! My daughter was not happy while I was on it cause of less milk!!!

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Your baby is getting extra hormones that it doesn't need. Also, regular birth control will make you dry up faster. Your doctor (I'd like to know why he prescribed it in the first place) should have you on the mini-pill. It is ONLY for breastfeeding moms! I would find a new doc if I were you!

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