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I have heard that it is neccessary to give your baby a multi-vitamin with Iron in it if you are breastfeeding. Anyone have more information on this? I mean, women breastfed thier babies for centuries without it. Is it REALLY necessary for me to give it to my daughter? She is 3 1/2 months old, and her doctor told me to give it to her at her last appointment (2 month). I haven't because I was told by MANY other people, including my own mom that it's unnecessary.


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Current research shows that infants have enough iron stores in their bodies to last them to about nine months. Waiting until the cord stops pulsating before cutting it ensures that babies get all of the blood they need at birth. While human milk has low iron content it is much more readily bioavailable (meaning easier for the body to absorb and utilize) than that in supplements.

Typically, a three month old baby will not need iron supplements- and too much iron can lead to intestinal bleeding, constipation and bacterial infections.

If you suspect that your baby's iron levels are low, you can have them tested. Some babies end up having lowered levels after nine months or so but many parents have found that simply adding foods that are high in iron resulted in bringing iron up to a normal level.

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I was told to begin giving it to my daughter around 6 months. So, I went out and bought it, but my daughter hated it. I gave it to her here and there, but never did it consistently. Well... she stop gaining weight around 9 months and by 12 months she'd lost almost 2 lbs (was 17lbs 2oz). At her 15 month appointment they ran all these tests on her and discovered that she was very anemic. So, now she's on a prescription iron. Moral of the story... it IS necessary, sometimes.

FYI: I never gave it to my son and he was never anemic or had any problems... BUT, I weaned him at 9 months and supplimented with formula beginning at 6 months.

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I was told by my doctor that breastfed babies recieve Vitamin D through breastmilk... but I guess, I don't really know.

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that sounds early for me...I didn't start giving my baby Tri=vi-sol until he was 6 months old. And poly-vi-sol is including Iron, which they don't need beofre 6 months anyhow. I don't do poly-vi-sol, it's gross and my baby gets iron through other sources. I would get a second opinion, or look on kellymom.com

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Thank you. I was just curious, because she is so young. I rarely give her even Tylenol now. She has begun the teething process and I spoke to her Doctor and the pharmacist before giving it to her, both about amount I should give her and any side effects of it.

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My doctor said the same thing but I never did it. The only thing I've been 'trying' to implement is vitamin D because he doesn't get enough sun for what would be an adequate amount. I found D drops online so I don't have to do the whole multi vitamin. Of course I want my baby to have everything he needs to be healthy and strong...but like you said, women have always breastfed - without additives. God knows what they need the best!

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