Whats the best first sippy cup for a breastfed baby?

Lydia - posted on 07/20/2011 ( 18 moms have responded )




I can't find any my son will take. He's VERY picky i guess since he was breastfed for 6 months, and the only bolltes he'll take are the platex nursers.


Jo - posted on 07/23/2011




Like many of the other posts here, my DS was a strong bf baby who refused the bottle. Straws were the only thing - we had to squirt it for him into his mouth a couple of times and then he got it. Something about bf babies having very strong suck capabilities so the straw is logical for them. We used water as he also refused formula. With respect to an earlier post on what drink to use, we've avoided juice and still do for a few reasons. Saw my SIL give her girls juice, even watered down, and because of the sugar they would nag the. Daylights of her for more which I could not stand. Also another friend had issues with her DD teeth that turns out to be from residual honey on teeth after sandwiches so I didn't want the same from juice. Also we (parents) have enough of a sweet tooth as it is; he gets little bits of our "sometime" food so that's enough!!

There were quite cheap chemist bottles with a simple straw insert that ended up being the most successful start up. After that did some Internet trawling for BPA free ones with a straw.

Good luck

Amy - posted on 07/21/2011




We used tom-tom tipee's-they come in a soft spout. We also did a straw and cup. However we didn't do milk in a sippy cup till our daughter liked them initially it was just filled with water, that way we could just leave it around so she could develop interest in it at her own pace.

Danielle - posted on 07/26/2011




With both of my youngest, we found that the nuby straw sippy cups were the best because the straw is soft and the sucking action was very easy to figure out for a nursling. We had better luck with those than any other cups at first.

Chrissy - posted on 07/23/2011




My LO is 11 months old and BF. He really likes cups with straws. They're the ones that are like sippy cups (closed and leak proof) but he won't drink out of a sippy cup anymore. They know what they like! :)

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Amber - posted on 08/27/2011




my daughter uses nuk. i started her on it at 4 1/2 months old. she had a little trouble at first but now she's fine with it.

Bernadette - posted on 08/08/2011




I had this problem with my daughter. She was fully breastfed, as she refused to take a bottle at all. The sippy cup I found worked best for her was the tommee tippee First Sips Weaning Cup. It is from the Closer to Nature range and doesn't have a silicone spout. I found the silicone spouts to be the worst for my daughter as she just chewed them rather than sucking - she didn't know how to suck anything other than breasts, and foreign objects in her mouth were just for chewing as far as she was concerned. And of course this just made the water spill everywhere. The First Sips cup has a firm spout, but not hard so it's gentle on gums and first teeth. But because it's not chewy, the baby has to learn to suck in order to get anything out of it. It is also a good size for little hands so it's easy to hold and use. We had one and it was the only sippy cup she would use at all, so we had to search all over town to find another one.

Sheleen - posted on 08/01/2011




Find a bottle/sippy that is most shaped like you, sounds weird I know, but they all tend to like diffrent things. My youngest will only take the sippy with the soft flexible nipple that are like the soothie pacifiers. I just get these at walmart and they are the ones that cost like $2 i tihink. They are usually low and in bins not hanging up. Oer getting them at walmart you can gt different ones to try and take them back if he doesn't like them. but with him being so yund I would stick to a bottlw for a while personally.

Rachel - posted on 07/31/2011




I agree with the straw sippys. My youngest daughter was very picky, we spent alot of money on different types of bottles and she never took any of them. Playtex makes some nice ones, but my daughter's fave when she was smaller was the Nuby one.

Delia - posted on 07/25/2011




I weaned all of my children directly to the cup. A standard cup, no sippy cup. Waitresses looked scandalized when I specify "no plastc, no straws, no lids, just a regular glass please". Then they are surprised to see how well my 3 year old handles his glass, carefully setting it down and never spilling, but it's because he never used a sippy cup!

Samantha - posted on 07/25/2011




My kids never took bottles, and we found the only cups they would take were the ones that didn't require sucking. Sorry to throw a spanner in the p[attern that seems to be forming. Straws cups were good, but hard to keep clean. So we used cheap sippy cups that didn't have non spill valves. you just have to try a few different things and see what works, but they can definitely start drinking straight out of a normal cup without a lid, it just takes time and patience.

Esther - posted on 07/24/2011




The disposable straw sippy cups worked best for us. The first few times you might have to push on the lid to get it to squirt some in his mouth so he realizes something comes out of it. They usually get the hang of a straw really quickly.

Heather - posted on 07/23/2011




Try the Nuby ones at Walmart! My kids were picky too, but they loved the Nuby sippy cups! He is only 6 months old, so him having a bottle isn't an issue till he's 12 months old, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Janice - posted on 07/23/2011




I introduced a sippy at 4-5 months and it took my daughter at least 3 weeks to really accept it. I tried every handled cup with a soft spout and learned that it was less about the cup and more about her adapting. Of course her first tooth popped through the day she hit 5 mo. so she did enjoy chewing the soft spout. So although every baby is different you may just want to find a cup that he rejects the least and give him time :) good luck.

Erin - posted on 07/23/2011




There is a cup called "anywayupcup" and tot has to suck hard to get the fluid out. ( like breastfeeding). My daughter loves them.

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My 15 mo old was about 10 mo or so before she took anything besides my breast. The ONLY cup she will take is the one with a straw, she would NOT take the regular sippy cup.

Lori - posted on 07/21/2011




You could also try just offering a cup, no lid. Hold it for your baby and help him tip it. You may spill a little at first but I was surprised at how well my daughter did with a regular cup. She was exclusively BF till 6 months and would not take ANY kind of bottle or sippy cup. Now she's 8 months old and will drink from most sippys and has learned to drink with a straw, or will just drink from a regular cup.

Cynthia - posted on 07/20/2011




With my son, I got a set- it was a sippy cup set that had different tops- the first was a bottle nipple, then the nipples gradually changed into the shape of a sippy cup lid. At our local CVS Prharmacy, Pampers has a brand of bottles that the nipples are very similar to the breast. (I used these with my daughter who is also breastfed) The bottle comes with a nipple, but then they have a selection of different nipples that are interchangable with the same bottle. One is for cereal, etc, one was more like a sippy cup, then the regular sippy cup one, then they even had one to help transition to drinking from a straw. The bottle was like $5.99, but I used Extra Care Bucks from a previous purchase to buy mine! :) ANother thought, when my son was little, I tried supplementing formula in a bottle to take with us so I didn't have to stop to breastfeed while grocery shopping, etc, and he would not take formula or even milk from a bottle (it was like he KNEW where his millk was supposed to come from and that was not it!) :) but then I tried giving him juice, and he took that from a bottle just fine! :) ANyway, good luck an I hope this helps!!!

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