Hip Pain after C-Section?

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I had a C-Section almost 8 weeks ago. I had nearly no pain and was up and moving the same night I had the c-section, feeding and changing the baby..so now that I'm having this intense pain in my left hip I shocked..and annoyed. I only took pain meds while in the hospital for the 4 day stay. Now, I'm hurting so bad I wish I had some. I mentioned the pain to my OBGYN at my 6 week check and he said exercise..so her releases me to exercises and I have been..but it just makes the pain more intense. I guess I just want to find out if anyone else experienced any hip pain before I call my regular doctor.


Valerie - posted on 03/15/2012




I had my c section almost 6 months ago and the pain is on the right hand side but it feels like it is the joint itself. Earlier today I was walking through my house like normal and I felt a little tear and I thought I was going to fall and this is after having pain all day. Sometimes it hurts so much that I can barely move and when I do walk my husband says I look like a little old lady. The pain didn't start until a month after he was born and then it comes and goes every couple of weeks.

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I have had hip pain sleeping in bed since my 2nd c-section 6 months ago.

I sleep in a recliner and its the only thing that helps.  It turns out I have a 7mm seperation of my pubic bone.  I am doing PT and hoping it will help.  I miss my bed.

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i also was on my feet the same night, but i m now having a simular problem but more the pelvic bone from the pelvic line to my spine, im just starting to wonder if its because we were up to soon , anyways its starting to ease up, so if its bothing you, id get a second opinoin as well kimberly is right , doctors for years have told me my body was fine, i knew somthings were wrong.. because i listened to my body! turns out i was right on the money for everyone!

Jennifer - posted on 01/29/2009




Hi Mandy,

My 1st child was a c-section and I experienced the same hip/knee pain. I suffered with it and did go to my dr. They told me that it was all normal. Just like pregnancy when your hormones help loosen your hips for childbirth,they have to go back to normal and hormones play a part in that too. I would talk to you normal Physician and just see what they recommend for the pain until your hips shift back to normal. I'm worriend about experiencing the same pain the second time around. I wish you luck!

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I haven't had any hip pain, but if your body is not responding well to exercising, then listen to your body. Did he provide you with what kind of exercise to do? All I can say is that our body doesn't lie to us. I would consult your regular doctor about it if it doesn't subside soon. God bless.


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