What do you think about sharing local folklore with your children?

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I have been in the process of writing West Indian Folklore tales for children. I hope to have them published in the next couple of years. How old is too young to share these tales? Do you think it is important to share these stories?


Charlie - posted on 11/23/2011




I don't think you can ever be too young, but saying that... It does depend upon the actual type of story! If it's a scary tale then obviously you the parent will be able to judge when your child is ready for this type of shock or horror.
Children hear Grimms fairytails from birth, my sons (my 10 year old & my 10 month old) LOVE Anancy stories.
But i would love a book with EVERYTHING... Like my granny wanting to tie string around me above my pregnant belly to help the baby to engage and stay engaged, not having our babies go outside for two weeks after their born, coming into the house backwards with your infant if you arrive home after hours because the duppies will get in, not letting your baby see their reflection (even though western society encourage this and most baby toys & books even come with mirrors on them now), not being allowed to go to funerals whilst pregnant or with your baby b'cos it's a dead persons day, etc... And then you could add the explanantions, because we are never told why and we NEVER question it!
I would love to read your book/s once it's/they are ready.
Please keep me posted x

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