santa and the easter bunny

Kristin - posted on 02/17/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




what are your thoughts and what are you doing?
do you let your children believe in santa and the easter bunny?

my son is my first child and i would prefer that he does not believe in santa or the easter bunny.
i want him to know the reasons for the hollidays and not get caught up in these mythical things and take focus away from what it's really about.
my husband wants him to believe in them because he says that's what the magic of the hollidays are to kids and they will learn in time.

my husbands children, 12 and 8, both grew up with these things. they didn't even know the reason for christmas or easter until i came into the picture. i got them into church and teach them about the hollidays, but i am not allowed to inform them that there is no santa claus or easter bunny. (not so much with the 12 year old but mainly with the 8 year old)

what are you thoughts? what are you doing with your children?


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