When did your baby start sleeping through the night? How did you do it?

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Mary - posted on 04/16/2010




1st kid... day he was born
2nd kid... born 3.5 weeks early so it was about a month
3rd kid... about a week
How did I do it? By the grace of God!!! And by bathing then feeding them... then feeding again... in other words get their tummies good and full and they will sleep. I also agree with Veronica... do these things quietly at night so that they are calmer and learn it is quiet time.

Angie - posted on 01/26/2010




My two oldest slept through the night at 12 weeks and my youngest at 4 weeks. I was careful not to allow ANY stimulation during night feedings - no playing, no light, no noise. We started a nighttime routine the day they were born - we bathed them, fed them, prayed with them and then put them to bed for the night in their own quiet room.

Veronica - posted on 01/21/2010




Scheduling is a big part of it or routine for that matter.

With all of my children - I would give them a bath about 9 pm or so - get them in clean clothes, swaddle them up - and then breastfed them. Put them to bed, kept the house quiet and dark. (not soo quiet to hear a pin drop) but the tv was turned lower, or music - and i dimmed the lights. This I felt set the 'bedtime' mode. During the night feedings i kept lights off - just had a small light that gave me enough to see what i was doing - didnt play with them - just fed, and changed them, and then nursed them back to sleep again.

I did this every night from the moment i had the baby til they eventually just stayed on that pattern.

That would be the best way to do it - at least it was the best way for my children. If they are fussier and take a while to get down - i would rock them and I didnt pay a lot of attention to them (didnt play or anything) i sang, or just cuddled with them and rocked - kept myself more silent/quieter - and eventually they fell asleep again.

I hope I've helped! Take care, and good luck to some sleepFUL nights!


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