15 yr old with anger issues actually punched wall in school and fractured his hand me n his dad separated over 2 yrs due to domestic violence reciving no support for help with mortgage or anything trying best to make ends meet and keep my business afloat bodyrapping spa in massapequa ny www.ajswrapsations,itworks,net for wraps to lose inches at home great healthy chocolate bars and supplements face wraps too gel tightens n firms really works anyway teenagers never realized how hard it would be raising them lol he has adhd issues too and wants to do his ged in sept we will see he hates high school... what do you do ya know gotta love them...

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Julie - posted on 08/27/2010




my son was an angry teenager and his father and i are still together so he didnt have an excuse like your son. maybe it isnt the divorce maybe he is just angry and like ellen says he needs other ways to vent his anger or get rid of the tension. a gym or some kind of contact sport like boxing or wrestling. activity is healthy and it will tire him out. my son punched walls and i stopped his allowance to pay for the plaster and redecoration. thought twice after that. no matter what your kids do like you say you gotta love em but you dont have to put up with the behaviour try finding ways to nip it in the bud now.

Deanna - posted on 08/27/2010




My nephew is 11 and has always been hyper. When he started having more and more problems with anger, my sister took him to a counselor who specializes in treating ADHD and similar disorders and had him tested. Turns out he is "classic" ADHD and the counselor has been working with my nephew and sister on changes in their routines and with some low dose meds. The changes in my nephew are wonderful. He is able to focus on tasks now, he isn't antsy all the time, and he's not it trouble all the time for his behavior. What has surprised me the most is that his sense of humor has really begun to shine through and he can carry on a conversation without going off in 14 different directions. It's wonderful! You might try having your son evaluated.

Rita_2_davey - posted on 08/19/2010




It is obvious that your son is having separation axiety disorder as well. You mentioned that you and your husband separated over 2yrs. now but you didn't mention whether he was seeing his son. This is maybe something he is missing in his life. I know my grandson is only 11 and when his dad has to go away, if only for a couple of days, his attitude certainly changes. My daughter works and just the other evening (dad gone away) the babysitter had to call my daughter at work because my grandson was right off of the wall. She couldn't control him in any way,shape or form. He started again last evening but I had talked to him prior to my daughter going to work. I warned him that if he misbehaved that I would not pick him up and bring him to stay with us for his week. It certainly changed his attitude. I'm not saying he didn't have any outbursts' but not to the point of the babysitter calling my daughter again. These boys cannot handle change. Their worlds' get turned upside down. As for your son punching a hole in the wall, something had to trigger him. No doubt someone in the school itself. As well it seems that you are busy yourself with your work. These kids need stability in a big way. Perhaps your taking more clients' on and at a time that he thinks you should be there for him. Maybe having a talk with him about what happened and why he did what he did. Also you could reward him for better behavior, try and spend some time with him or at least keep him busy. They need stimulation as well. They are not ones' who can just sit. Sometimes they can but for the most part they have to be involved in something. Maybe something got him going before he went to school, not so much by your choice however you could have said something not realizing. They are such loveable people. I know with my grandson, out of the blue, he will walk up to me and give me a gigantic hug. I'll say what did I do to deserve that. He says "nothing" I love you grandma. Of course I tell him that I love him dearly and he is my number one. He loves to hear this because there are 3 of them, he is the oldest. He has always been a grandma's boy, and I have to confess, I love it. He is such a wonderful young man when it is just one on one. I wouldn't trade him for the world. However, when he does something wrong, he gets disciplined just as any other. I have to say he is my pride and joy. Perhaps sitting and talking with your son, and again like I said some sort of reward will help him tremendously. It doesn't matter the age, its your actions. Funny you saying he hates school, I think most with ADHD do because they dont' get that one on one attention that they so deserve. I wish you mounds of luck, be there for your son as much as you can. I do hope that his father also has an interest in his life right now. It would be so much better for him. Take care and good luck with the business and your son. Always let him know just how much he is loved.

Ellen - posted on 05/02/2010




you have to give him alternative ways to vent his anger. exercise is a great way to release anger, walking, buy him a punching bag and let him know it is the ONLY thing he is allowed to punch. get him into counseling ASAP so he can learn to talk out his problems. find out if there is a counselor at school he can go talk to when he needs to. it is ok to be angry, but it is not ok to be violent. when my son was little he used to like to throw things when he got mad (runs in my family, unfortunately). i used to tell him he could be mad but he could not throw things. it took a while but he doesn't throw things anymore.

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