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Shalon - posted on 05/20/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




So, I am not trying to start an argumentative post but really. What do you guys think...child support or none?

I have a court order for child support, when I moved closer to my ex, he had for the first time in our daughters 9 years of life a home HE provided!!! Wow! is all I have to say, so he paid a mortgage, electric, water, etc. for the first time in her life, so I verbally agreed to no CS. I only asked him to cover her medical stuff.

She didn't get insurance until 6 months after this verbal agreement, then a year later I found out she didn't have dental, she needed her teeth cleaned and I asked Dad, after a rediculous arguement, adn me offering to add to my dental insurance because he had none with his job, he told me he got her a policy, lied, paid out of pocket instead, whatever, it was his choice.

So, today I ask for $20 to pay a bill from the family therapist we'd all been seeing, we were to split 50/50. There was a $40 balance left. His wife says earler in the week sure I'll bring it over and today I called to see when she was coming and he goes off and throws in my face all he has paid for. WTH! I told him I wouldn't argue and I'd take care of it and got off the phone.

I am soooo ticked off! This guy took 9 years to provide our child with a home! While I footed the bill for the first 18 months with none of his help before I finally went to court for CS a few months after that he said since I have her almost half the time, meaning every weekend at his MOTHERS house if he could stop paying, I said whatever, I wasn't going to argue. Finally, I reinstated the CS after I moved which he allowed! Then he goes off to prison, and after that I tell the guy get on your feet, don't worry about CS you can just pay for the travel, which was far less than CS, then a year later he's complaining about travel expenses, so I said fine, I'll pay for half, you pay CS. Deal. Now, we move back here I forfeit CS again cause I was ellaited he had home and now I am having to argue and point out dental, and a verbal agreement to pay for this therapy stuff.

I still have a court order for CS would you reinstate? We are about to go back to court and I am thinking I should just have the courts amend the CS according to their standards, I am done with this BS....I mean really, I haven't thrown in his face the field trips, school supplies, clothes, and all the crap I've done over the years without his help, he has some nerve! and over $20! grrrrr..
Thanks for the vent!

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Melissa - posted on 06/08/2011




I would definitely take him to court for child support. If all your asking for is for her insurance to be covered (medical and dental) I'd say he's getting off easy! I understand he has a life of his own and everything, but he MADE a life, it's his responsibility as a human being to help support his daughter. You didn't make her on your own, and it's not fair to expect you to do it on your own. My sons father has never been in his life and he surely pays child support! And no, I'm not a money grubbing woman like so many CAN be, but I do think they have a responsibility to their children! Whether they chose to involve themselves or not, you can't force them to, but you CAN force them to bear the burden of finances.

Mary - posted on 06/07/2011




I would go to court and let the judge tell him to start doing the right thing! He isn't caring what you have done for her, but more over that he has got away with not helping to support her! It 's not right because it takes two to make a baby !

Virginia - posted on 06/07/2011




I would do everything through the courts. no verbal agreements. They don't usually work, maybe for awhile, then someone gets mad and you are back to square one. I should have enforced mine earlier and I regret it now. Don't trust your ex too much, there probably is a reason he is your ex. Use the Attorney Generals office they are great for me here in Texas.

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