Divorced parents with new partners!

Jennifer - posted on 04/08/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband walked out on me and my children 3 years ago come June our divorce was finalized in September of 2010! My husband left us for another woman, which he had met at work. 6 months about after he left i met my currnet partner and we have been together ever since then, my X husband is with the girl he was cheating with. I am very happy for them and honestly we brought out the absolute worst in each other but I still get angry sometimes for the way he did things to me and our children. He had been having an affair with her for quite awhile and I never knew it, well I could sense it but didn't want to believe it. Anyway my kids get along so well with my partner, he is almost more of a dad to them then my X husband but as for their dads partner the like her but don't want to stay by themselves with her. I mean my X works midnights and sometimes works Friday nights, for instance works tonight, he was still going to come get them today even though he worked and they were going to stay with his partner. She has 2 children form a previous relationship. So when I told my kids that they told me they didn't want to stay with just her and her kids. I don't know why. after putting them on school bus my X called me and said his mom was going to get them for the weekend instead because she missed them, I'm ok with that! I guess my point in this ramble is that they have no problem staying with my partner they actually get excited but yet with their dad's partner they don't want to. I don't get it anyone have any insight for me?


Annette - posted on 04/10/2011




they probably resent her because they see her as the reason why your family broke up.. it is alot easier to be mad at her then mad at dad. the kids will have to eventually come to terms with her. i know it is hard but, make a effort not to talk bad about her.. email me and i will tell you my story if you like. i was divorced after 10 years. same reason.

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