Ex and his solicitor have broken a court order

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A court ordered that i phone my son twice a week and see him twice a month.
I have stuck to the order but my ex hasnt. He would, a lot of the time, not answer the phone which meant i couldnt talk to my son.
Every time i saw my son he would keep hugging me, telling me he missed me and called me the best mom ever etc.
He also said that his dad said to him "you dont have to see your mom if you dont want to" This upset my son a lot.
My ex husband stopped answering the phone so i got police involved and they finally tracked him down at a karate tournament of my son, but it was my day to call him.
Out of the blue my ex stopped me seeing my son and said to someone his solicitor stopped it.
I have a new solicitor in a couple of weeks but he said no solicitor has the autority to stop contact and that they and my ex have broken the court order.
It really hurts me that i cant see or even speak to my son and i know his dad would of said to him, you're mom doesnt wanna know you anymore. He wont tell him its him thats stopped contact.
It was my sons 10th birthday yesterday and i couldnt see him to wish him happy birthday
A part of me is missing :(


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Best thing that I can suggest is that you talk to your solicitor and see what can be sorted. I understand that things may come up that may clash with your arranged visits/phone calls. By your ex letting you know, then I would assume that you would be prepared to phone/see him on a different day, as long as the time/date changes were occasional rather than every time.

Talk to your solicitor and see what can be done about it.

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