exhusbands girlfriend too young - safety concerns - am I wrong?

Jill - posted on 06/14/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




First off my ex is 'dating/living with' a girl 22 (they've been together since she was 20) - he is 43. We were together for 20+ yrs but divorced for the better. She was NOT our reason for divorce he met her after we seperated for about a year. Our girls are 11 & 12 now .....

I have concerns with her driving my kids in 'bad' weather ... like hail, severe downpours, high winds etc that we get OFTEN in my area this time of year. She is not from here and only has 5 years experience in another state. . I would not let my kids ride with any inexperienced driver - including their cousin - it's always been a pet peeve of mine about driving safety. anyway I refused to let her pick them up today because of the weather (extreme warnings) and she was in a car she doesn't always drive. It was just an inconvience for their dad but of course I got the brunt of his rage. The storm was furiouscious when he picked them up so I am VERY glad I made this choice .. but do I sound crazy? Of course I have issues with this girl .. she is rude to me OFTEN and snide. She is good with the girls - it's .like they have an older sister - however I do have concerns about what she may expose them too but my attorney says there is nothing I can do. Things have calmed down in the last year and they mostly play crafts with her - making earing, bracelets etc ... The whole thing is another subject all together .. but the driving part ..... am i ridicilous? I feel it's for the safety of my kids ... but would like other opinions.


Michelle - posted on 06/15/2012




Just think about it this way, when you were her age how much experience did you have? If you had kids early you would have been driving them around with the same amount of experience. The other thing is how can she get more experience without driving?

Does she have a bad driving record? If not then you do seen to be over reacting a bit. We all take a risk with our lives when get in our car because it really doesn't matter how good a driver we are it's everyone else on the roads we have to worry about.

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America3437 - posted on 06/15/2012




I think you made the right decision. I am the parent of a new driver and am terrified. I take my son out in the rain and snow and let him learn but I still won't let him take off onhis own! You made the decision you thought best so "snaps" for you! I will not even let my mother drive with my kids in bad weather so there is no way in hell I would let a 22yr old drive my kids around in a storm! Good job Mom!

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