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My fiance and i are having issues with his ex, he still hasn't seen his son and it is now getting towards a year and a half with no contact he already has an order stating that he is supposed to see his son 3 out of every 4 weekends. we're not even 100% that she is still in the country let alone the city...

What can we do to find her that won't cost a whole lot of money as we have a limited supply?

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Kerri - posted on 08/17/2009




You will have to file a contravention Order, but them papers need to be served on her so if you don't know where she is that might be a bit hard, I found my mum's family by typing there name into google but you can always look on the whitepages site to. Hope everything works out

Marie - posted on 08/07/2009




Definitely contact your Family court about non-compliance! How old is the child? Should he be in school? What about ChildFind? Have you filed a missing person(s) report with the police? Sometimes, having a friend in the local constabulary helps. I presume that the public search engines on the web haven't turned up her name, or her maiden name. What about extended family, like her parents, sibs, classmates, BFFs? Sometimes, the extended family of the custodial-kidnapper has information about their location, or even objections about the disappearance of the child. If the child has left Alberta, she is in BIG trouble. Keep us Posted about your search!

Anna - posted on 08/07/2009




go to social sevrices with the visitation order from the court. they should be able to help you guys

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I'm not sure what the system is in Canada but have you made a complaint to the police or Family court system yet? I would thinkt hat would start the ball rolling. Secondly, here in Aust it is illegal for a child to have a passport without both parents' signatures and parents can also notify the Federal police that they do not give permission for their child to leave the country. This means any airline that has a booking for that child is required to report it to police. if the system is the same there, you can try that and if she has taken him it could be a kidnapping/fraud type matter. Just a suggestion.

Cortnie - posted on 08/05/2009




Your guy needs to go back to court, Inform a judge that the mother has NOT complied with the agreement. Also he needs to let the court know that he can't find them. As soon as they pop up some where, judge can force her to comply with the order. Or, your guy can ask for full custody. Find an attorny, get one of those free consultations and see what a lawyer has to say.

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