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Hi girls my name is mindy I'm 21 and I'm going threw divorce I have 2 kids ages 2 and 6 months. I hate this situation and didn't want to go threw it. My husband doesn't love me this last time I talked to him he said he wants a friendship and to see my kids I'm destroyed and I feel so hurt he is so selfish I told him how this would affect our kids but he never cared I recently found out that he had a fb account for almost 1 yr I had no idea about it when I kinda suspected something I asked him he said I love you baby I would never do that I don't have time for that trash well he lied. His put in his account that his single and that his a male. It broke my heart but I took action and file for divorced hoping it would be a wake up call. To my surprise he file his response. I'm so hurt and it's hard when my 2 years old asked me" mom why is daddy not home." My heart breaks in two I don't know what to say. Another thing I should mention is that we did argue a lot but it was nothing that could not being fixed. I'm needing advice I feel so hurt but at the same time I can't concentrate on my feelings because my 2 beautiful babies need me. He does see my kids all weekend. Since Friday to Sunday night. Im needing help with how to go threw this divorced process being so hurt and scared on being a single mom.


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i wont lie to you it is going to be a hard road ahead me and my ex filed for divorce in 2009 when my son was only 13 months and my daughter was 4 it was so hard. to this day i get questions from my kids on why mommy and daddy don't live together anymore and why are we no longer married it breaks my heart too but the only thing i can tell my kids is that we both love them and want the best for them and it is hard but mommy and daddy are happier when we are apart. yes you will have the worst time with it because this is unthinkable that this is happening. i also filed for the divorce because my ex husband was metal abusive and i couldn't live like this any longer. we had 50/50 custody of our kids for 2 yrs and in this time i found someone and i am now married again. my ex lied in court and ended up getting premier custody of our kids because i wanted to move back home to Texas and the judge sided with him for the kids to stay in North Carolina where they have been for the last 4 yrs. anyways i only get my kids now all summer and Christmas and spring break it kills me to know my kids are not with me but i needed my family support and could no longer stay 10 miles from my ex husband. long story anyways it is going to be hard. keep faith. and get books on what to tell your kids they help a lot and just let them know it is nothing they did.

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