moms and step mom need to respect eachother. see the bigger pic

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i am a step mom and oh my god i wish the mom was in the picture. step moms and moms. this is for you. learn to appreiciate each other. it is so hard to be step mom and the fact that the kids want there real mom and she ony wants her drugs makes life very hard. once again realize that the other mom is very important.


Lori - posted on 08/30/2012




My ex left me to be with her. I resented them for quite awhile, it's been 9 years and my daughter has a close relationship with her and my ex. I keep the peace and accept that she's not going anywhere. My daughter loves her and she treats my daughter as if she was her own..still goes up my you know what sometimes..but what's good for my daughter is good for me. I know my daughter loves me. Imagine your child(ren) having to have to go to "daddy's" with a woman they can't stand. That would be worse.

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