Son hasn't seen his father in over 6 months, worried about visitation???

Tami - posted on 04/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son hasn't seen his father in over 6 months. His father left us over a year ago because he was sure that I was cheating on him (we were living in NC and he moved back to FL where he originally came from). He never sent any money until I could afford a Separation Agreement and it's below the minimum ($400 a month). My son saw his father for a few days during Thanksgiving when his father came up to NC. Since then it's been maybe 7 phone calls and that's it. The man I am with now does more for my son than his own father has ever done. I have primary physical custody of my son but our agreement is that he will go to see his father in FL for 2 months in the summer. However, I'm extremely worried for my son to go see him. He barely knows his father and I'm afraid when I will try to call my son, his father will not answer and will come up with excuse after excuse as to why he can't answer. I just don't feel comfortable with the agreement and I only agreed to it because there is a part of me that feels like he'll end up not going anyways because his father is not exactly reliable. Not to mention, my son is supposed to go to his father's this coming Christmas and my ex has stated he doesn't want his son because it's too far of a drive to pick him up and only have him for a couple of weeks. I have nightmares about his upcoming trip if it should happen and I cry several nights a week. What can I do?


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Worth revisiting your arrangement and seeing what needs changing (if anything). talk to a solicitor and get some legal advice on the matter. That way you know where you stand with your ex in relation to your son.

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