4 Year Old and Breathing Treatments. Any ideas to stop the fighting?

Brenda - posted on 01/21/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter, who just turned 4 has to do breathing treatments twice a day. She has been on Pulmicort for about 5 months now and still fights and cries every time she has to sit and do her "breather". I usually turn on her favorite show but it still doesn't make her any more eager most days and it is hard to get her to sit for the 10-15 minutes that it takes. Any ideas on how I can make this time more pleasant for her and for me? The machine is pretty noisy, so reading to her during the treatment isn't really a good option for us.

Thanks for your help.


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Nonni - posted on 03/21/2014




Hi. My grandson is 5 and he has to be on it for 4 months. I was just about to say that at the doctor's office they had an elephant's face on the mask. After the appointment we went right to a medical supply store and purchased one. We're going to go back and buy another one for my house. He loves the mask and it makes it somewhat tolerable. I even turned the camera around on my iPhone so he could see himself and he pressed the button to take a "selfie" and was smiling. Also, he plays the games on the phone to make the time go by. I guess anything that can somehow make it fun. I feel for you... All the best, Nonni

Kaye - posted on 01/25/2010




I have seen masks with characters on them. For example, a company called DeVilbiss makes a purple dragon mask. It's fun and kids seem to like it. I have had to do treatments on my 1 year old once and it was terrible for her. I think a 4 year old might like a fun mask though. You can just hold it near her and not put it on her face too. Of course there is always bribing as well. I usually save a bribe for times like these... "When you're done with your treatment, you can pick a lolli" Or, "Well go to the park" or something special.

Catherine - posted on 01/23/2010




My son's big objection was the mask. I let him hold it up to just below his chin & we do breathing exercises & sing during. Anything that increases his deep breathing & keeps his mind off what he is doing.I will watch the tube & correct location. Try to ask her in a non confrontational way what she doesn't like about the treatment.

I have also given to him while he is sleeping if he was really bad ( before we realized it was the mask he was afraid of)

I have to admit though.. my child is not mandatory 2x's a day.. so the fight is during infections.. not all the time.

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